Background Information

Capital: Montevideo

Major cities: Salto and Rivera

Uruguay was controlled by many different countries and gained independence in 1825. Because Spain controlled Uruguay Spanish is now the national language

Geographical Information

Uruguay is on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and above Argentina and below Brazil.

Uruguay has two lakes a mountain and a lot of rivers.

Economic and Trade Information

Currency:Uruguayan peso

Economic System: socialist

What they import: petrol,cars,delivery trucks, computers, and pesticides

From where they import: Brazil, Argentina, China, USA, and Venezuela

What do they export: Soybeans, bovine meat, rice, wheat, and wood

Where do they export goods: the USA, and to all members of the EU, as well as some Latin American countries

Tourist info

People should visit Uruguay for their beautiful beaches and amazing rivers. Also, Uruguay has some museums and a breath taking mountain called Cerro Catedral