Isabelle C.

With Determination You Will Go Far

This is my theme, because before school I struggled with math. Plus before sixth grade, we didn't have letter grades and school wasn't as crucial. But once I got in sixth grade, letter grades started to me something, and getting your work done with good grades started to become more critical.


This took place at my house and school

At school is where I took my tests and talked to my teacher when I didn't understand.

At home is where I studied for my tests. Also at home is where I told my parents my my goal, lastly it is where I had the help of my parents.

  • The setting is important to my story, because if it wasn't at school I wouldn't have the help from Mrs. Weldon.
  • The story might have been different if it wasn't at school, because that is where I got my grades and needed to improve upon.


The climax of the story is when I decide whether or not to go into advanced math and skip seventh grade math. That is the climax, because you don't know yet what my choice is going to be, and whether or not I am going into advanced math. Which leaves you on the edge of your seat. This contributes to the theme, because I was determined to improve upon my weakness in school, and I did.
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These are some determination quotes that I found very inspiring. Just click the button. My favorite quote is "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work." -Colin Powell

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