By : Sierra Stone 3B 2/17/14

Rome ...

Rome is located on the peninsula of Italy.

Roman Roads===

Romes roads were superbly built giving the circumstances. They had no compasses to help them build them just tools they invented. They have lasted centeries . Emperor Agustus .

Baths of Caracalla ?

The baths of Caracalla AKA Thermae Antoninianae were built under the command of Emperor Caracalla for popularity . It was a big bath house for the public . Back then there would be a bath house every 5 blocks ,.

The Colosseum !

The Colosseum may look amazing and impressive, but what happened in side of it isnt ...

Emperor Titus .


Built in respect to the gods and godesses

Emperor: Hadrian

Trajan's columns

Was built in dedication of Epmeror Trajan's victory


Where the Christaians burried their dead.

Circus Maximus

A circus created by the ? family for an entertainment (chariot races)


Has important buildings inside created by Julius Caesar...


used for sewage