Box of Balloons

March 2015

Happy Spring!

Spring is here and we are excited at Box of Balloons! I was under the weather this week so no video update BUT the pictures below better than words.

THIS IS WHY WE DO THIS! Lundyn had an amazing Frozen birthday party thanks to Box of Balloons. Her mom was beyond thankful and so amazed at our team of volunteers. You guys, do you see that sweet girl's smile? We don't often get to see the smiles, we can only imagine but today, take it in, YOU are doing this, YOU are loving others and giving hope.


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Upcoming Events...

Check out these upcoming events for our Wisconsin Chapters:

~Charity Poker Night (see details below)

~Box of Balloons Pinterest Party

~Box of Balloons Volunteer Night

Also we have a little "Go Fund Me" campaign going to help us make MORE birthdays Happy. It is hard to keep a non-profit up and running but our amazing volunteers and donors are doing great! I love watching these fund campaigns, it is just so exciting to check back and see more and more people loving others!!!

ALL of our chapters, Click below to show some love.

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