NHS Application Information

Tips for applying!

Scoring Rubric

Click on the link to see the scoring rubric for your application.


General Tips!

NHS is a very selective organization, therefore the application that is submitted should reflect the absolute best you have to offer. Some suggestions to help make your application the best it can be:

  • For School Activities include all the activities you have participated in while in high school - club sports, scouting, 4-H, any clubs in school, tutoring . . . .
  • For Leadership include leadership you have shown both in school and in the community - VBS crew leader, Boy/Girl Scout positions within a troop or pack, captains of sports teams (school &/or club) . . . Under description, make sure to describe how you were a leader in that position, please don’t leave it blank.
  • For Community Service include service activities only. If it is a club or organization you worked with, include that in the School Activity section and any service for that club in the service section. Don’t include paid positions as community service. Describe the service project in the section provided.
  • For Work Experience include any types of work you’ve been paid for babysitting, dog walking, painting a fence, helping someone move, . . .
  • Essay:
  1. Answer all three parts of the prompt:
a. Describe the service,

b. How did the service benefit the community? and

c. What impact did the service experience have on you?
2. Proofread and have someone else proofread your essay

  • Faculty Recommendations - make sure you have asked four (4) faculty members to fill out the recommendation form and turn it in to Mrs. Gehrke or Mrs. Hallemeier.


Be Patient!

Once the applications are received, we will pass on all the info to our faculty committee. They will be given time to score the applications and then meet. This process will take a few weeks. Our hope is to announce our new NHS members by the end of March, taking into account Spring Break.


See Mrs. Gehrke or Mrs. Hallemeier.