Artland Gallery

Artworks & Furniture

We provide unique artworks and furniture to commercial, corporate and residential clients. In addition to this we create 2D, 3D and 4D artwork in any shape and size using our in house machines. The full process involves idea generation, technical drawing, in-house design, production and finally installation. Examples of what we do include custom sculptures, signage, wall configurations, branding solutions and molds; but there are no limits on what we can create. By using a diverse range of materials and finishes we can match your individual needs and desires. We have a professional and friendly staff and run the following equipment in house:
• CNC machining/routing (2D & 3D & 4D)
• 3D Scanner
• Engraving
• Polyethylene coating
• Texture painting

Come to us with your ideas and we can turn them into reality!

Unique artwork, furniture, paintings as well as custom sculptures