The Daintree Adventure

By Anna Lin

Meet an explorer who has just returned from The Daintree!!!

Today, Anna Lin just interviewed Isabel Gourandy! Isabel said that The Daintree was so great and everybody should go there. She has agreed to share her experience with us! We are about to ask her some questions about her magnificent journey!!!

What is it like to live in The Daintree?

The Daintree Rainforest is very beautiful and the oxygen is amazing there. There's a lot of things to do there like kayaking, snorkelling and so much more. You can just spend the whole day doing these fun things that you normally can't do.

Why did you choose to go there?

All my friends were saying how amazing The Daintree was, so I decided to go there. I really think that this amazing place it should be visited by everyone. I have been to many many places, yet I think The Daintree is the best place to go on a holiday.

Have you found any new kind of Fauna?

Yes I did! I found a kind of bird called a Jabiru. It has a black and white body and it has red webbed feet. The Jabiru can grow to 1.4m tall. Sometimes, this bird can be called a black-necked stork.

What were some damages in the Daintree?

This may be quite surprising, but The Daintree is polluted. Three million litres of fuel is trucked across The Daintree each year! Also people dump batteries in the beautiful rainforest! It is absolutely ridiculous and I think this should be stopped instantly.

What was the most exciting part of your journey?

The most exciting part of my journey was when a saw a cassowary one metre away. I took lots of photos of it. I haven't ever seen a cassowary in the wild before, so when I saw it I was like 'this is amazing!' and 'wow!'.

What resources do you need to bring to The Daintree?

If you lived in a hotel, you'll need to bring bug spray and clothes. The hotel should provide you win everything else. If you plan to camp, then you will bring your everything including the food you are going to eat.


So that we're the questions answered by Isabel. Remember to visit the'll have lots of fun!!!