Village Elementary

August 2020

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Welcome Back!

Upcoming Important Dates


17th-20th Registration

24th Class Assignments Published in Parent Vue at 4:00 pm

26th Back to School Night-See Schedule Below

27th First Day of School

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Back To School Night

In order to prepare for the first day of school, we will be hosting our Back to School Night the night BEFORE school starts. Students and parents will be able to meet their teacher and learn about the programs and platforms that will be used to make distance learning a success. A Zoom link will be provided to parents per an email by the classroom teacher so that everyone will be able to join in the fun and learn about all of the exciting learning to come!

BTSN Agenda

1. Meet your teacher and other families in your class

2. Introduction to VES "Bridge" Virtual Learning Platform to begin school

3. Classroom Schedules/Procedures, Curriculum Plans

4. Learn About "Class Link" the 1 log-in you will need to know to be successful this year.

Use of Google Classroom and SeaSaw will be explained and has been simplified! We will introduce Information to get the students and families started on the 27th (more information will be given out as the days continue, but we want you to have the basics to begin with)

5. Learn how your classroom teacher will Connect, Challenge and Champion your student this year!

If you are not able to attend the virtual Back to School Night (BTSN), that's okay!

We will be recording the presentations and links to the event will be available following BTSN.

Daily Schedule- Please enlarge for detailed information

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Staffing Changes at Village Elementary

Please join me in welcoming some of our staff joining us in new roles and/or new employees to Village Elementary!

New Assignments and Staff Members

TK- Keli Craig

K- Whitney Eldridge

1st- Alice Wilson and Chris Teachout

3rd- Dani Bartels and Tanya Barbera

4th- Jenny Rogale

5th-Toni Neubert

ELD- Eveleen Coker

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FAQs for Parents

1. Will school reopen in August?

CUSD, based on state and county health and education department guidelines, will open the school year on August 27th with distance learning in place for all enrolled students.

2. Does CUSD have a plan for inviting students physically back to campus?

CUSD will follow state and county health guidelines with respect to inviting students and staff physically back to campus together in any capacity. San Diego County must meet certain criteria for schools to reopen. We are developing schedules for hybrid on-campus/distance learning and full return to school scenarios, in an effort to be as best prepared as possible for campus reopening in any capacity.

3. Is our district applying for the state waiver to open elementary schools?

Our district is committed to reopening schools as soon as it is safe to do so for students, staff, and families. Our district has not committed to applying for the waiver, but is researching the application process. Even if Village Elementary is approved for the waiver, we will not know until a future date. Please plan on beginning the year in an virtual environment as specified in previous CUSD newsletters. Guideline and more information about the waiver can be found here.

4. Will I be asked to commit to distance learning or in person learning for the entire semester or a whole year?

Not at this time.

4b. What if we change our minds?

If you are a resident of Coronado, and live within the Village Elementary residency boundaries, you will be welcomed back.

5. When will we find out our child's teacher?

Typically, students learn their class assignment on 8/24/2020. Class assignments will be available in ParentVue. PowerSchool and Parent Vue System Log In Instructions

6. What will a typical distance learning school day look like?

Please see the Draft Schedule Above

7. What if my child is not able to access live Zooms or instruction at the scheduled times? How will attendance be taken?

Our district leaders and teachers are working to determine how daily attendance and assessing student engagement, as directed by the state, will be accounted for during online learning. Village will provide more information closer to the start of the school year. We understand that accessing district-provided instruction at home is subject to many variables and are planning to ensure that students can access missed instruction later if necessary; more information will be provided to families as we get closer to the opening of school.

8. If I disenroll my student from Village Elementary to homeschool him/her, may I return this school year?

If your student is a resident within Village Elementary boundaries, you may re-enroll your student at any time.

9. How will my child be graded during distance learning?

During distance learning, and all school year, teachers will be assessing students on grade-level standards. Student progress on the standards will be based on students' responses to prompts, projects, and assessments, and all students will receive fall progress reports and semester report cards noting progress in all academic areas.

10. My child has an IEP or 504 Plan. Will my child receive support? How will students be assessed for a tri-annual or initial IEP.

Students who already have an IEP will receive services and accommodations based on their Individualized Education Plan and supports from their assigned Education Specialist/Case Manager. Students with 504 Plans will receive accommodations per their previously written 504 Plan. Initial IEPs and tri-annual IEPs students will be assessed according to the prcedures and protocols put forth by CUSD, which may include online assessments.

11. Will the school be distributing materials and supplies? Will students be turning in paper assignments?

We expect to distribute materials to students during the first two weeks of school (reusable student carry-all bag, student workbooks and curriculum needs, hands-on math manipulatives, student whiteboards/whiteboard pens, basic supplies (pencils, crayons, markers, etc). Dates and logistics to be communicated soon. Specific grade levels may distribute paper assignments and packets as well to supplement the virtual learning. Students will be submitting assignments per (via) online platforms (ie:SeeSaw).

12. I am limiting my child's access to devices. Is there an alternative to distance learning via technology?

We are not offering an option for distance learning that does not incorporate technology in some capacity. However, we are mindful of the need for balance between screen time and paper/pencil/constructive/creative activities and will do our best to provide a blend of direct/live instructional opportunities and offline activities. Please see schedule above.

13. Which curricula does Village Elementary use for reading, language, math, science, and social studies?

Learn more about our district's elementary adopted curricula on our district website here.

14. Our family is participating in Learning Pod with other families. May we request to be in the same class with other students in the learning pod?

We are not accepting classmate requests. We take class placements very seriously and are committed to forming balanced and equitable classrooms. All teachers in the grade level will closely align assignments and structure so that instruction across the grade level is similar.

15. Both parents in the home work full time. I am concerned about childcare and helping my student throughout the day?

Paid childcare is available through a new program, called Champions, which will be hosted at Village Elementary. Online learning support and guidance will be offered throughout the day. Champions Enrollment Link.

16. I have heard that each CUSD student in my household will need a device/computer to be successful in Distance Learning. How do I go about requesting a device for each of my children?

Please see link here to request a device for in-home usage for each of your CUSD enrolled students.

17. When may I turn in registration documents?

August 17-18 - (NEW) Grades 1-5, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - Click here to schedule an appointment

If a RETURNING student, we HIGHLY recommend submitting the documents online. If you chose not to submit the documents online and would like to turn them in to the office, please see dates and times below:

August 19, 8:00-11:30am & 12:30-3:00pm - Last Name: A-K

August 20, 8:00-11:30am & 12:30-3:00pm - Last Name: L-Z

General Links:

Village Registration Link

Link to Town Hall Presentation for Village Elementary

PowerSchool and Parent Vue System Log In Instructions