The Pale Assassin

A Story of Mysteries and Betrayal

Plot Summary

Fourteen-year-old Eugenie de Boncoeur is the daughter of an Aristocrat family during the French Revolution. As the revolution continues, Eugenie discovers that her brother, Armand, is part of a special group that is trying to save the King from the guillotine, which puts Armand into great danger. She also finds out that her governess has promised a man, that Eugenie would marry him. This man's name just happened to be the pale assassin. He is trying to destroy the Boncoeur family and capture Eugenie. As the revolution becomes very violent and intense, Eugenie realizes that her family must leave France to protect themselves.
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Character Analysis

Eugenie de Boncour

Eugenie is a fourteen-year-old girl, that is born to an aristocrat family in Paris, France. Both of her parents have died and she lives with her governess, guardian, and brother, Armand. She is a very curious young lady, that likes to know about everything, but sometimes, she hears too much. As the revolution begins, she finds out many details about the legacy of her family and the future that is planned for her. When she realizes how much danger her family has left her in, she decides to flee from France, but encounters many obstacles that interfere with her plans to escape. She is put into danger and her life is threatened.

Book Review

This book is a well-written story about the hard decisions of an aristocrat's life during the 1700 and 1800s. It was a very enjoyable, descriptive, and intruiging story that was full of plot changes and mystery. I would recommend this book because it is very informational in regards to the life of an aristocrat during the French Revolution and it is a very intense and interesting story that will leave you in suspense.

About the Author

Patricia Elliot is an amazing, dedicated, and vivid author. She has written the books The Traitor's Smile, The Pale Assassin, and many more. She was born in London, England and worked in a children's bookshop, where she began to write her incredible novels. She now teaches a college class in children's literature and lives with her family in Europe, but she still continues to write in her free time.