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ELL: English Language Learners


This past month we conducted Parent-Teacher conferences and updated our Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) based on the changes for ACTaspire for our ELL students.

Our ESL teachers will have professional development on June 3, 2016 to prepare for our ELL students for 2016-2017.

Gifted & Talented Program

GT Program Approval

Our GT program was approved by ADE! Great Job to our GT Teachers; Kristi Chumley, Morgan Roseberry, Anne Felan, Annette Armstrong, Susan McClendon, and GT Program Coordinator; DeAnna Beam.

Building Bridges

Perrin GT second graders are completing a bridge building challenge. Using 20 Popsicle sticks and one meter of tape, they must build a bridge that will span 25 cm while supporting a certain amount of weight. They are studying our National Treasures around the United States. We have discussed San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. They begin by learning about the four main types of bridges and their support systems.

Super Summer

Super Summer is a week long summer enrichment opportunity provided on June 6-10 in the afternoon for kids who have completed kindergarten through 6th grade. Registration is available online at the following link, on the Benton School District website under the Gifted Programs tab. Questions can be sent to Kristi Chumley at

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Advanced Placement


AP TESTING begins May 2!

On April 6, 2016, we conducted a Pre-registration student workshop to prepare students for AP Testing logistics at BHS. Good Luck PANTHERS!!!

2016 AP Testing schedule

AP for Students

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Federal Programs

Ringgold Literacy Night

On March 1, 2016 Ringgold held its annual Parent Literacy Night. The staff had many activities for students and parents to enjoy. They had a great turn out and everyone had a great time celebrating Dr. Seuss and reading.

Great Job Ringgold Staff!

ACSIP: School Improvement

All seven schools and district office submitted their final submission of their ACSIP to ADE on March 30, 2016. All schools reviewed and assessed the required indicators. Thank you to each school and their Leadership teams who worked hard all year!!!

Angie Grant Elementary

Emily Kerksieck, Vickie Woodall

Lori Bacon

Caldwell Elementary

Leah Hays, Morgan Roseberry

Diane Lovell

Perrin Elementary

Lori Peden

Stacye Shelnutt

Ringgold Elementary

Ima Greer, Victoria Mercing

Beverly Mayfield

Benton Middle School

Jacqueline Daugherty

Steve Quinn

Benton Jr. High School

Suzy Carter

Curt Barger

Benton High School

Kristin Ginther

Lita Gattis

Arkansas District Indicators

Arkansas School Indicators

Career & Technical Education

CTE @ Benton School District

Arkansas Department of Career Education (ACE) approved our Sports Medicine pathway proposal. Unfortunately, we were not selected to receive start-up grant funding.

Later in April, CTE teachers will receive a google form requesting information for the Perkins grant for 2016-2017.

CTE Center Project

The seven Saline County Superintendents met March 29, 2016 and finalized the CTE programs for the CTE Center.

Per the request of the 7 Saline County Superintendents, we will provide a presentation on the CTE center and the feasibility study for our school boards at the May meeting.

Stantec is returning on April 20, 2016 to meet with the CTE Executive Committee to review:

  • Review and Affirm Project Program
  • Review Space Typologies (Images of Spaces)
  • Presentation of Site Concept Development
  • Presentation of Site Campus Options/Property Configurations
  • Discussion/Approval of Campus Development Option
  • Next Steps – Phase 5: Schematic Design Concept Presentation


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MIghty Minds at Perrin

Perrin 3rd graders performed Mighty Minds to promote the positive aspects of testing to the school and parents on April 7, 2016.

GREAT job to the students and teachers!

ACT aspire

We start ACTaspire on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 with our 4th grade students across the district.

All students in grades 3-8 must take the ACTaspire or MSAA. We will be testing through the beginning of May.

A BIG thank you to our Site Testing Coordinators, Instructional Facilitators, and the IT Department! They have worked really hard preparing the logistics for the tests.


Our 1st and 2nd grade students are taking the IOWA test on April 5, 6, and 7. Good Luck Panthers! Do your best!

Thank you teachers and staff for working so hard with them all year!

Alternate Science Portfolio

All of the portfolios were returned to ADE for review and scoring.

EXCELLENT JOB to our Special Education Teachers: Mitch Meredith, Corrie Langford, Nancy Lee, Carrie Lovell. We appreciate you!!


MSAA district training for Special Education teachers was held at the PDC on March 30, 2016. As a team, we reviewed the 13 modules and took the proctor exam. We have 24 students taking the MSAA in place of the ACTaspire.

Testing infomation

  • Students with significant cognitive disabilities, deemed per IEP
  • Online assessment: English Language Arts and Mathematics
  • TESTING WINDOW: March 30-May 13, 2016
  • Grades 3-8 and 11
  • If they are MSAA, then they will NOT take the ACTaspire


Angie Dischinger, Assistant Superintendent CTE & Academic Support Services