Attack Learning with Appsmashing

project about sharks in the Rocky Branch 3rd Grade Classes!

Professional Development Lesson

Appsmashing is the combining of apps to complete a task or do a project and is highly effective at creating an environment that stimulates authentic learning and creativity.

Curriculum standards addressed in this lesson include:

S3CS1. Students will be aware of the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in science and will exhibit these traits in their own efforts to understand how the world works.

S3CS6. Students will question scientific claims and arguments effectively.

Life Science: habitats

Apps needed for this activity:

Camera, Shark Tracker, Stop Motion


Have the students download the Shark Tracker and Stop Motion apps. Then put them into groups of at least 4 and give the a question about sharks that they will find the answer to using the Shark Tracker app.They will learn about shark spotting pings, where sharks are most aggressive, how often sharks attack when they are swimming in close proximity to humans, why sharks sometimes attack humans, what sharks usually eat, what types of sharks exist where and how to avoid sharks while swimming in the ocean. Then have the students use poster board, computer paper, coloring tools and scissors to create a Stop Motion video 1-2 minutes long with commentary presenting the answer to their question. The students will submit their Stop Motion videos to the class and then the whole class will watch each video.


Suggestions for Assessment:

* Were the students were able to correctly answer the question or at least come close

* Did the students work together to complete the task on time (probably 2 class periods) * Did the students use their time wisely and stay on task * Did each group member participate in the project.