Stock Market Crash

Cole Bernett

What is it?

The stock market crash is a sudden drop of stocks which leads to panic and a loss of paper wealth. During the crash thousands of people gathered in very large groups and protested and also started to riot. They were rioting agents there work because where they worked the company didn't have enough money to pay for all the workers so they reduced pay for many and got rid of a lot of the other workers that they didn't need. All of the Companies did this so they didn't spend so much money because they didn't have the money in the first place to pay there workers.

How It Effected People

The stock market crash effected people in many different ways. First of all when it crashed the reason for it crashing was because there were a lot of people selling there stuff but no one was buying anything at all because they wanted there money because the stuff they were selling was selling so low that they wouldn't get the normal price at all so they were scared of losing all there money. Because of no work then the people didn't get payed and if you don't get a pay check, you don't have any money to buy food and other things that you need or want. There were so many people that were scared and didn't know what do do because there was no work so they were just out and about during the day and many fights broke out. People were forced to the streets because they couldn't pay for rent or there homes and they were living under bridges and anywhere they could to survive.

The Roaring 20's

The decade called the roaring 20's was the time when the United states was like doing so many good things that life couldn't get worse. It was basically like everyone was happy and people were working and being able to go out and buy things like telephones and radios and they could also go out to dinner and not feel bad because they were worried about not having enough money for things that they needed. Radio company's and automobiles saw there stocks soar during the roaring 20's because this was a time where technology was growing stronger and stronger. Just about every household was able to afford a radio and a vehicle because there was so many of them and everyone was able to pay for one with all the balance in money and stocks the prices weren't bad at all because the economy was balanced.
The Great Depression: Crash Course US History #33