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September 1, 2018

What is PBiS?

PBiS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports. PBiS is a research-based continuum using an evidence-based teaching model to achieve academically and behaviorally important outcomes for all students. At Maplewood Elementary, we are a proudly state recognized Tier I PBiS school. Out of 2,734 individual school buildings in Pennsylvania, only 280 are officially PBiS recognized which puts us in the top 10%!

PBiS Kick Off Assembly

We had an assembly to kick off PBiS the afternoon of August 31, 2018. Students were asked trivia questions about PBiS and if they answered correctly, competed in a Minute-to-Win-It game. We played Cookie Face, Scoop It Up, Movin' On Up and Junk in the Trunk. Cody from 3rd grade won Cookie Face, Logan from 4th grade won Scoop It Up, Genavieve from 1st grade won Movin' On Up and Samantha from 3rd grade won Junk in the Trunk. We also drew family fun prize pack winners from the PBiS Scavenger Hunts completed during Open House. Sophia, Rilyn and Brenna took home the games Sorry and Phase 10, as well as some candy to eat while they play them with their families!

Class Dojo Communication

A major part of PBiS is consistency so that everyone in the school community knows and understands expectations and boundaries. They are easier to follow when they are known. Maplewood staff worked together before the first day of school to develop Class Dojo expectations that we all agreed to follow and then to share with our families so you know what to expect from us while using this communication tool:

  • Your child's teacher will be accessible on Class Dojo from 8:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday.
  • You should expect a response back from your child's teacher within 24 hours.
  • If there is a time sensitive message that must be read by the end of the school day, please call the front office at 337-1659 rather than Dojo to ensure it gets taken care of. Our teachers are busy teaching and learning with your children during the school day and may miss a time sensitive message.
  • If you need to make a transportation change (pick-up, bus drop off change) please call the front office at 337-1659 to notify us. For the safety and security of everyone, classroom teachers are not able to make student transportation changes.
  • If you need to speak to a Maplewood staff member that works with every student in the building (Mrs. Fonzo, Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Higgins, Mr. Baldwin, Mrs. Bancroft, Ms. Eckstein, Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. Rose), please email us or call the school at 337-1659 rather than Dojo us. It is not as easy for those of us with school-wide Dojo access to check parent messages. An email or phone call will get our attention much quicker.

Kindness Character Trait

Kindness is our PAWS-itive character trait for the month of September! Monthly Character traits are defined and students displaying traits are presented with a PAW. PAWS will begin to be collected starting middle of September (9/14/2018). Assigned students will collect them from classrooms each morning. PAWS will be announced during lunches on Wednesday. During lunch on Wednesday, students will have an opportunity to display their PAW on the Principal’s 100 Board. When there are 10 in a row on the board, those 10 students spin the prize wheel for individual incentives. Those individual incentives include VIP lunch with 2 friends, Cafeteria Snack Coupon, Pick a Prize Coupon, Gaming Room with 2 friends. At the end of each month, students will also receive the designated Character bead to acknowledge their PAWS-itive Traits.

School Wide PBiS

The 2017-2018 school year saw lots of growth in regards to PBiS at MES. Take a look at our year-end report! During this school year, all staff will serve on our PBiS team to ensure ALL of our students needs are met in a supportive and positive way!

What is our PBiS Goal This Year?

Our overall goal during the 2018-2019 school year is to have 80% or more of our kids receive one or fewer minor/major behavior referrals this school year. 73% of our students were successful last year so let's raise the bar!

MES PBiS Handbook

Everything PBiS in one place in our PBiS Handbook! Look inside for questions about PBiS recognition, beginning of the year expectation lesson plans and much more!