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A Newsletter from the Acworth ES Learning Commons (ALC)

Problem Solving with Legos!

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All I can say is WOW! The Lego Wall is problem solving on a level that I didn't even know would be occurring to the students at Acworth! Just in the 3 days that the wall has been open to students, we have heard some amazing things such as:

  • how do I build a K?
  • how do you get the flat pieces off the wall?
  • what are creative ways to use the "fun" pieces?
  • how do I make an S?
  • the curved letters are hard!

Who knew??

The kids are having a great time and, honestly, we are, too!

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Book Talk Excitement: Origami Yoda Series

Christian is a third grade student who loves the Origami Yoda Series by Tom Angleberger! Recently, he made me a Fortune Teller that reminded me of MY elementary school days! Not only did I love it, but my own grown children did, too (especially when one of the fortune's was "You get dirt!")

I asked Christian to share with me about the books and his origami. I will definitely be sharing this with our students because it is a GREAT book talk.

Origami Yoda Book Talk
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Our Maker Space is ready for all makers! Although students have used the space during our Super Hero unit and will continue to use it for building our projects, it is now a space for any and all projects for all classes.

Please donate household items to our Maker Space! We will take the following:

  • cardboard paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls
  • Legos or any building toys
  • egg cartons
  • bubble wrap
  • old beads or costume jewelry
  • modeling clay
  • cotton balls
  • wooden craft sticks
  • thread, string or any sewing materials
  • fabric scraps
  • felt
  • OR anything you think students could create with :)

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Schedule for Next Week

Conference Week is next week and we will have shorter days. Most classes will be coming to check out books.

The projects for ABL in grade four will be presented Thursday and Friday and I can't wait to see how they turn out. The kids did a great job of planning their scripts and recording their information for the Power Points. It should be a wonderful and interactive learning experience to see all of the hand-made artifacts in the fourth grade classrooms!

Connect with us!

My name is Peggy Clay and I am the Learning Commons Specialist at Acworth. Please connect with me for information or email me with any questions! I love my job and students and want our ALC to be the heart of the school!