Noticias de la Semana

February 8 - 12, 2016

Academic Update

Math: We have our geometry test this week. Then begins our fraction unit!

Literacy: Questioning is our topic for the week! It's a very valuable learning tool that can help students organize their thinking and think beyond the text!

**Please have your child turn in their Homerun Readers slip! We had about half of the class turn theirs in. That's a great start! Let's keep it up!

Intercambios: Students began their health rotation with Sr. Martínez last Wednesday- technology and the effect it has on our lives.

Spelling: The spelling pattern is sa, ce, ci, so, su. The c in our words make the soft c sounds. More like an s. It's when the c is attached to an a, o, or u that the hard k sound is utilized. The list will be attached to the e-mail!

Monday smile :-) (two this week!)

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