A Midsummer Night's Dream

Kayla Gray, Alicia Stenzel, Ben cruz, and Saurav Gupta


Act 2

Scene 1

Lines 188-256

Demetrius and Helena are arguing about Helena's feelings towards Demetrius. Demetrius is in love with Helena's best friend, however, Helena is in love with him. Helena only desires to follow Demetrius, and for him to return her love. After the two have finished their discussion, Oberon and Puck have one of their own sort. They discuss of a previously created plan devised to force Demetrius to fall in love with Helena.

Most Important Quote

"I love thee not, therefore pursue me not."

I don't love you, so stop coming after me.

This quote is important because it is essentially the main idea of our whole scene. Helena and Demetrius argue about this, and since he doesn't love Helena, Oberon and Puck attempt to make him fall in love with her towards the end of our scene and into the next.

Character Analysis