Porfirio Diaz

Military hero to dictator

What did he do?

Porfirio was the president of Mexico, and he ruled for 35 years. He modernized his country, while he was in power. Diaz was a volunteer for the Reform War, then a leader of the rebellion against French intervention. He was also an accomplished general.

How did he make a change?

Diaz provided safety and stability to his country. He also made sure to better the economy and makes things go from bad to good. Porfirio made sure there was peace but that didn’t last for long to his people. He changed Mexico City to look like European cities. Diaz didn’t want the indigenous culture involved even though he was a part of it, he wanted to eliminate it.


Porfirio wanted to so that he could be in power and people follow him and be the way he wanted them to be. So they could all be high class and be away from others.

How did he change the fate of New Spain/Mexico?

He changed their fate because at the beginning he made it seem like everything will be better and they would get through everything. But then at the end he made them realize that all he wanted was power and he did not care about the less fortunate. The only thing he wanted was for people to be rich.