Wolf 359

The Story [You Are The Star] By Jibran Khalil 5th Period Sci

The beginning [Nebula]

We started in a nebula. A nebula is a cloud of dust and gases in space. There was no sound, for we were in the middle of no where. In the middle of space. An immense cloud of dust and gas. Floating. Simply floating in nothing. We had no point, for we weren't alive yet. Then we were born. Maybe it was another star that nudged us, or maybe we passed too close to another galaxy. No one knows for sure. The mass of all of our materials made us contract inwards, until eventually all of our dust and gasses began rubbing into each other. This caused heat and friction. We had been born, in a nebula.

Getting a Name

In 1917, a German astronomer by the name of Max Wolf discovered us. He named us Wolf 359. We had a name.

Birth [Protostar]

We were dense. Dense enough that all of our light could only scatter about. Our interstellar cloud was now a protostar. We were heating up, faster than ever before, but our energy kept collapsing on itself. One moment we were a protostar. We then reached such a high temperature that that we had a nuclear fusion. Our hydrogen began turning into helium, leading to the event that we would never forget. We were a star.


This process had happened to many stars. We were just another bland star in the sky, a bright dot that no one would never notice. But we were unique. We were different. Our statistics were like no other star. We were a red dwarf star, with a brightness of.00002 solar luminosity. We were part of something bigger, a constellation. The Leo constellation. We were 7.8 light years away from Earth. We had a mass of .09 in solar mass. Our temperature was 2900 degrees Kelvin, and we were the color red. Yes. We were unique.

Change [Main Sequence]

We were in the middle of our life , in the main sequence. Most stars were in this stage, about ninety percent. We continued fusing hydrogen atoms into helium atoms, all in our core. We were a stable star, because all of the forces inside of us were balanced. Our outward pressure from our expanding hot gases were balanced with the force of our gravity. Our contraction began to slow down. We began releasing energy, so we naturally began to shine.

GIANT [Red Giant Star]

Our helium core began to contract further and reactions began to occur in a shell around our core. Our core was hot enough that our helium could fuse into carbon. This fusing resulted in the existence of carbon in our core. We began to cool down and shine less. The energy from our new fusion had made us expand outwards, to a size we had never been to before. We were big. We were a star. We were a giant, a red giant star.

Running out [Planetary Nebula]

Our helium cores began running out. We began losing our gravitational pull on our outer layers, causing them to drift away. We were emitting an expanding shell of gas, which was also known as a planetary nebula. We were losing ourselves, slowly but surely. We were running out of time.

Lonely [White Dwarf]

Our time was near. We had lived for billions of years, but yet it had felt too quick. We were just another star, floating, waiting for its death. We were a white dwarf, made mainly of carbon and oxygen. We had burned up all the hydrogen we once used as fuel.

Death [Black Dwarf]

There was nothing left for us in this universe. We felt our light fading away, losing ourselves. The light that made us shine so brightly was fading away. We had lived for billions of years, but it was now all coming to an end. We reached a point of existence where we were invisible. Would anyone ever remember us? Would we go down to be a great star in history? Maybe we would be remembered. Maybe we would be another star that was once in the sky. In some time, though, we sooned ceased to exist. Wolf 359 ceased to exist. We shined no longer.
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