8th Grade Families Are Invited...

To learn About Traders' High School Programs @ NEXT STEP

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You Will Be Choosing Your Child's High School Soon

It is humbling that you have chosen Traders as your school thus far. We understand, though, that every year you have a choice in your child's education. This year that decision takes on added significance because you are choosing a high school.

Maybe you are already leaning toward a particular school. Maybe it's Traders Point or maybe it's another high school. Of course, we would love for your child to be in the Traders graduating Class of 2020. But what's most important is for your child to be where God is calling them. We pray that He will give you clarity in this.

We invite you to seriously consider Traders Point Christian High School as you seek God's direction for your child's high school. Please join us at our Open House on October 27th to learn what Traders offers that is not available anywhere else.

Why should you come to our NEXT STEP Open House?

  • Because living things grow, the academy continues to grow and develop in all areas and you want to hear where we are going. Get to answers to your HS questions.
  • Because you've probably heard our HS faculty is tough. You should expect that with PhD's teaching Science and Technology and our English, Math and Spanish departments having years of advanced, AP and Dual-Credit course instruction under their belt. Talk with faculty at NEXT STEP. they're passionate about Jesus. They're passionate about your child.
  • Because you wonder what's the big deal about trips to Nicaragua or California anyway? What is it, why is it and when is it.
  • Because you know each child is treated as an individual and provided exceptional opportunity and want to find out how that works in a small high school like Traders is right now? Find out why we believe our size is one of our greatest advantages. It offers flexibility, relationship, opportunities.
  • Because you want your child to have a "full, real" high school experience and want to know how "small" Traders can offer this. Talk with our high school students, parents and staff at NEXT STEP to find out how we do this better than most - because we are smaller.


Note: you can join in at any point in the evening. Going to the winter sports parent meeting at 6 pm? Check in with admissions in the Eagle's Nest after that meeting to join the next session.

6:30 pm

  • Head of School, Ron Evans, session on mission, vision, latest updates on new HS facilities and growth (be sure to attend this session at some point)
  • visit faculty in classrooms
  • parent involvement info kiosks
  • facility tours

7:00 pm

  • all options listed at 6:30 pm
  • Financial Aid info session
  • High School guidance services & college readiness

7:30 pm

  • all options listed at 6:30 pm
  • High School J-Term program & options
  • Athletic program

8:00 pm (final session)

  • all options listed at 6:30 pm
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