Major Idea Display

Highlighting College Majors

What's Major Idea?

Major Idea is a new series we're doing this year to highlight topics within disciplines as a way to introduce different majors. Find the display at the beginning of the Reference section of books.

If you're interested in learning about the major, talk to one of the Los Banos Campus' academic counselors. Learn about careers in that major from the Los Banos Campus' career counselor.
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510 BAR One hundred essential things you didn’t know you didn’t know: Math explains your world (2008) by John D. Barror

510 POS Magnificent mistakes in mathematics (2013) by Alfred S. Posamentier

510 PRI The Princeton companion to mathematics (2008) edited by Timothy Gowers

510 SEI Proofiness: The dark arts of mathematical deception (2010) by Charles Seife

510 STE Professor Stewart’s casebook of mathematical mysteries (2014) by Ian Stewart

510 TYN Sneaky math: A graphic primer with projects (2014) by Cy Tymony

512.914 Bec A history of π (PI) (1971) By Petr Beckmann

513 SEI Zero: The biography of a dangerous idea (2000) by Charles Seife

513.2 IFR The universal history of numbers: From prehistory to the invention of the computer (1981) by Georges Ifrah


510.9 GUL Mathematics: From the birth of numbers (1997) by Jan Gullberg