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Weekly Newsletter: June 8

HCLA Events & Activities:

Week of June 8

  • Monday, June 8: Waitlist Notifications for available seats
  • Monday, June 8: 2015-2016 Lighthouse Team Training
  • Wednesday, June 10: Board Meeting
  • Thursday, June 11: Leadership Night

Week of June 15

  • Monday, June 15: 5th Grade Science EOG Testing
  • Monday, June 15: BTSP Monitoring Visit
  • Tuesday, June 16: 3-5 Grade EOG Testing
  • Tuesday, June 16: Delayed start for K-2
  • Wednesday, June 17: 3-5 EOG Testing
  • Wednesday, June 17: Delayed start for K-2
  • Friday, June 19: Field Day

*Please note that our mandatory full staff Year 2 training that was initially scheduled for the last day of school has been re-scheduled for July 17th (8:30-3:30). Please mark your calendars.

The Countdown is on... 15 days until the last day of school!

Kindergarten & 5th Grade Celebrations

Both Kindergarten and 5th Grade Stepping Up Ceremonies will take place on Thursday, June 25th.

  • 5th Grade 9:30 a.m.
  • Kindergarten 1:00 p.m.

This Week's Hallway Huddle Quote & Activities

Weekly Quote

“I have short goals- to get better everyday, to help my team mates everyday. My only ultimate goal is to win a NBA Championship”

Lebron James


- Discuss the difference between personal goals and Wildly Important Goals (WIGS).

- What were Lebron’s personal goals, what was his WIG.

- Why was it important for Lebron to begin with the end in mind? Do you think he created an action plan to reach his WIG? Why?

- Did Lebron reach his WIG? (yes 2 times!) Do you still think he is setting goals?

- How can we relate his goal setting and determination to our goal setting?

- Did Lebron have to synergize to reach his goal?

Charter School Renewal Site Visit

Last week our school completed our Site Renewal Visit. Thank you to the staff members who participated on the panel, as well as the faculty who welcomed the two Office of Charter School staff members to our school and your classrooms. The parent, administrative, and staff panels were all complimented by our visitors. They were very impressed with the new implementations, culture, and feedback received while at the visit.

2015-2016 Enrollment

We have reached another deadline on our Enrollment Calendar. June 6, 2014 was the required date to accept the enrollment offered through the Lottery process. We have updated our records to reflect those that have replied (either accepting or denying enrollment), and moved forward with our waiting list applicants for the available seats. To date we have the following details:

  • We have 124 students who have committed to enrollment for the 2015-2016 school year as of June 6, 2015.
  • Current numbers per grade level are: Kindergarten (14), First Grade (24), Second Grade (22), Third Grade (25), Fourth Grade (18), and Fifth Grade (21).
  • We have a total of 58 students on the waitlist. These students will be the next level of applicants to be offered enrollment as we receive declined enrollment offers. The majority of our waitlist applicants are Kindergarten.
  • We receive approximately 5-6 new applicants weekly.

The goal enrollment per classroom is 25 students for grades, K-3 and 20 students for grades 4-5. This will total 140 students. While we are being proactive and accounting for no-shows we should be able to reach our goal of a firm 125 students Days 1-20.

A 7 Habits Weekly Booster...

The little kindnesses and courtesies are so important. Small discourtesies, little unkindnesses, little forms of disrespect make large withdrawals. In relationships, the little things are the big things.

Emotional Bank Account

Kid President Words of Wisdom....

Kid President's Letter To A Person On Their First Day Here

Staff Updates

Gwen will be out on medical leave beginning Monday, June 8th. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes through her procedure and recovery process. Gwen will be out for the remainder of the school year.

Darryl is still out on medical leave. His expected return date to drive the bus has not been determined by his physician. Darryl has been the acting bus monitor while he awaits clearance to return to driving.

We are glad to see that Mary Johnston is back with us, however she is still going through her healing process. Please continue to keep her in prayer and lend a helping hand when you can to assist her in her transitions.

And.. last but not least, please remember that we have multiple staff members who have close family members and acquaintances that are also going through illnesses. Please keep our HCLA family in your thoughts and prayers.

Let Me Know...

Have interesting stories or information you would like to share with our HCLA faculty and staff? Please email me any newsletter information and I will be sure to include in our weekly newsletter.