Keystone Biology Review

Mrs. Huff

Analyzing Your Score! PART II: Evidence Based Explanation

Essential Question(s):

  • What can I do to improve my score on the Keystone Exams in Biology when I take them in the Spring?


  1. First, review the Essential Question above. This is what you should be able to answer and/or do by the end of the lesson.

  2. Proceed through the lesson, which today just introduces the topic that you are going to write about.

  3. Finally, read the "Assessment" header below. This is where you will find the directions about what you need to do to earn credit for today's lesson. Make sure you review the lesson content and do the Keystone score analysis (from a previous lesson) BEFORE you attempt the assessment!

Lesson Content:

Do you remember the first lesson titled "Analyzing Your Scores"? Hopefully the answer is yes and you didn't think that you could do it (or skip it) and just forget all about how you (or PALCS) did last year. I won't let you!

Do you remember doing this??

To complete today's lesson you are going to use the worksheet you filled out for the "Analyzing Your Scores" lesson -- so the data table you created on page 2 and the answers to the questions on pages 3 and 4 that you got by analyzing the data -- to write an evidence-based explanation.

The question you are going to answer is: What can I do to improve my score on the Keystone Exams in Biology when I take them in December 2014?

And no, "study harder" or "answer all of the questions" are not legitimate answers. I want an "evidence-based explanation". What is that, you may ask... well, I am glad you did ask. Read the "Assessment" header below to get the full details!



It is a .pdf, so when you download it to your computer, open it using Adobe Reader. You will be able to complete the document entirely on your computer. Or, you can print it out, fill out the chart by hand, and then scan page 2 back into your computer for submission.

In the worksheet, it will explain what an evidence-based explanation is, its components, and give you a framework for completing your own analysis. The first page tells you all about it. The second page is a table/chart that you will fill out completely.

    • The question you are answering is above.
    • The evidence is coming from the data analysis you did in a previous lesson of actual Biology Keystone Exam data.
    • You need to come up with your own claim that completely answers the question.
    • Finally, combine your claim, your evidence, and provide reasoning to connect them. The formula is right on the worksheet.*
    • Save or scan your completed document (page 2) and upload it below for credit.

We are going to use this method of developing a scientific explanation over-and-over this semester, so make sure you understand what is expected of you and view my comments after I grade this one!