Pollution affecting regions

HEI impact on Land

All around the world, people pollute the region with trash that doesn't decompose quick enough and release dangerous gases that affects our atmosphere. For example, India has cities with slums filled with trash creating an unhealthy area to live. All the pollution on land is destroying our planet's soil and making areas uninhabitable. A huge example is the movie "wall-e", which shows Earth fill with trash and all brown.


If we don't stop polluting our lands with pollution and trash, we would live in a brown hazardous planet due to all the dangerous pollutions we put into our grounds. We need to start using re-newable objects that could decompose quickly instead of plastic or reuse them again, so we don't have huge areas of trash.

HEI impact on Water

Again pollution is a major problem that impacts our bodies of water harshly. People dump trash and companies put gunk into rivers. This leads to highly polluted waters that could give you diseases and kill life that relies on the body of water. Then, there goes different species dying. Polluted water also create problems for us, because that body of water could be our water source, especially horrible if our fresh water supply gets polluted. We only have such amount of fresh water to get by, since all the other bodies of water are polluted. For example, the Ganges River is highly polluted in India.


If we don't stop polluting our bodies of water, we won't have any fresh water to drink or use for everyday activities. But instead polluted rivers and lakes. So lets clean our water to make sure we have clean water to use.

Connections Between Them

Pollution on land and in water are connected, because most of the trash on land ends up in the water creating the pollution and diseases. A major one is when farmers use pepticides on their crops and it gets into the water cycle, and pollutes the water. Using polluted water on plants kills them and pollutes the ground making it uninhabitable for plants. So when one is polluted,it plays a huge role in polluting the other one if it's trash getting into the water or acid rain creating from the polluted water cycle destroying the land.


Why is the Ganges River so polluted?

In what ways are we most affected by all the water and land pollution we produce?