Ellen Foster

by Kaye Gibbons

"When I was little I would think of ways to kill my daddy. I would figure it out this or that way and run it down through my head until it got easy." (Gibbons 1)
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Not every house is a home.

Life isn't too pleasant for eleven-year-old Ellen Foster after her mother dies. Problems begin to arise almost immediately. Her father is an abusive alcoholic, her grandmother treats her no better than a slave, and she just can't find a mildly suitable home. How far will she go to find a home where she can be loved?

Would you be able to survive the life of an unloved orphan?

Kaye Gibbons

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The Ink behind the story...

Kaye Gibbons is an extremely talented writer from North Carolina. She was diagnosed with bipolar disorder which she claimed to boost her creativity by extreme amounts. Her huge hit, Ellen Foster, debuted in 1987 and it turned soon enough became a major motion picture. Ever since the release of Ellen Foster, Kaye Gibbons has won multiple awards including a Sue Kaufman Prize and a citation from the Ernest Hemingway Foundation.

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Critic Reviews:

"If one should never trust the person who has had a happy childhood, then Ellen Foster, the 11-year-old heroine of Kaye Gibbons's accomplished first novel, may be the most trustworthy character in recent fiction." - New York Times
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