Knowledge Quest Resources

September 19th-30th

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Create a picture of the main character of a book you have read. List at least 5 character traits.


Create three pictures to represent the beginning, middle, and end of a book you have read. Write a sentence or two that tells what is happening in each picture.

Language Arts

Make a list of ten proper nouns inspired by your home and the people in it.

Mrs. Serio's Example:

Mr. Serio


Virginia Parkway



Social Studies

Draw a picture of your community. Explain why it is an urban, suburban or rural community.


Represent a familiar three digit number in three ways. (for example picture, word, expanded, or number form)
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Solve the following word problem. Make sure to show how you solved the problem and explain how you solved the problem.

Tina had 52 rocks in her rock collection. 13 are red, 20 are white, and the rest are brown. How many rocks in Tina’s collection are brown?

Remember: Only 3 are required!