Trimester developments in baby

and changes in mother


Baby developments during first trimester:

• The placenta develops

• Face starts forming large dark circles for eyes

• Mouth, lower jaw and throat are developing

• Heart beats steadily blood

• Sex organs begin to differentiate

In mother

Some symptoms of a mother during first trimester are:

• Morning sickness

• Frequent urination

• Heightened sense of smell

• Dry eyes

• Breathlessness


Some of the baby developments during the second trimester are:

• skin get form, eye brows and head hair begin to show.

• nails form on fingers and toe.

• muscle are stronger.

• heart beat loud

• weighs 1.5 in pounds.

In mother

• the changing shape

• emotional changes

• bad dreams

• breathlessness

• signs of life ( the baby starts kicking the mom and turning around in the body, so she feels it that he is alive)


• Begins to develop fatty layer

•4 pounds in weight

•Developing digestive and respiratory organs

• Has chance to survive if born premature

• weighs 6-8 in pound


• Back pain

• Heart burn

• Swollen feet

• Growing fatigue

• Precontraction

things that partner's should and shouldn't say/do

you can support your partner by

* visitng to her preconception and prenatal visits

* helping her to eat healthy food

* helping her stay away from alcohol and smoking

* encouraging her to excercise

* learning more about pregnancy and help her to get rest


* " are you eating again"? you shouldn't say this because they increase their apetites in the second trimester.

* " the house is messy". they get tired easliy so he shouldn't say this instead he should helpher cleaning up.

* smoke around her

* bring aversions in, because she hates most food and its smell