Goal 4 (Kids/Teens vs. Parents)

By Donovan

What we like

One example is that some of us kids like to run around the house, play with our friends, and be a little hyperactive.
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What our parents don't like

But us running in the house, that's what our parents don't like. They let us do that outside.
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What we like 2

Another thing that we like to do is not eat our non-favorite foods in which our parents made with on our plates.
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What our parents don't like 2

So your parents have to try to either trick you or force you to eat... uh... whatever-you-don't-like.

What we like 3

If we have homework, then we could be thinking, "Maybe I don't want to do my homework". we're all thinking that because we have homework EVERY DAY.
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What our parents don't like 3

(This time, our parents ACTULLY care about us in this one.) Then, our parents want us to do our homework so we could get into college or else we would be dumb.
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