OELPA Update


Scoring of Paper Tests

Please note: this information pertains to students taking ALL 4 SECTIONS in the PAPER VERSION.

Teachers must hand-enter scored paper OELPA tests for students who did not take online versions of the OELPA using the DEI. The following information must be used to complete this process.

The tutorial provides VERY CLEAR directions!

Please note the dates...

Data Entry Interface (DEI) User Guide and Tutorial

  • The English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA) administered using paper test booklets requires students' responses to be entered into the Data Entry Interface (DEI), which is located in the TIDE system. The DEI User Guide and a tutorial provide step-by-step instructions for the data entry process and are located at this link.
  • The test administrator will enter the data and is required to have another adult in the room to ensure student responses are entered correctly. It is suggested that the second person in the room be familiar with the OELPA administration.
  • The paper administration window opens March 21, and ends on April 22. The DEI will shut down on April 22. Please note that if the student responses are not entered by April 22, the tests will not be scored. Please direct questions on the DEI system to the Ohio Help Desk 877.231.7809 or ohhelpdesk@air.org.
Please note that there is a typo in the Test Coordinator's Manual posted on the Portal. On page 33 of the manual, there is a date that is incorrect. The current manual states that all responses must be entered in the DEI by April 29. This date should read April 22. Please adjust your testing schedules to fit this timeframe.

(K-1 writing for students who took the segments ONLINE just need to mail in their tests. There are no additional steps needed.)