The South Texas Renegades

Rence Gaylon 5th

Who are they?

The South Texas Renegades were people that robbed and raided from both sides of the Rio Grande. These renegades instilled fear in the souther Texans and Mexican Americans. The lawnessness increased and ranchers took advantage of it. They used the advantage of the lack of law in order to expand their lands and herds of cattle. Many people, especially of Mexican Heritage lost their lands and herds of cattle.


The Texas Rangers, Mexican Army and Juan N. Cortina

The Texas Rangers were law enforcements that were sent to the lower Rio Grande in 1875 to establish peace, but they somehow just added more problems. Known for their ruthlessness, many innocent people especially Mexican Americans were mistreated. Juan N. Cortina stepped up as a protector of the rights of Mexicans and Tejanos and he clashed among the authorities. The Texas Rangers though of him as an outlaw and was blamed for the violence along the Rio Grande. They could not catch him, but the Mexican army did. The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Army helped gradually reduce the lawlessness in the border, but it took a steady pace before it returned to peace.