What in a name

By Noah Johnson

Texas rangers

The Texas rangers are a us team in Arlington TX 33 6' 11" n 96 40' 13" w in the southern region of the us and they speak English

Some interesting facts about the southern region are the ballpark ( the rangers ballpark),it was part of the confederacy, and has the second largest state.

Some physical features about the souther region are the Grand Canyon ,palo duro ,and the reo grande

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Team mascot

The Texas rangers mascot is a horse named the captain.

The Texas rangers mascot is a horse becaus the actual Texas rangers would use horses as transportation

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Texas rangers history

The Texas rangers where established by Benjamin Franklin terry in 1972 in Arlington because Arlington was in the middle of Fort Worth and Texas

And the mascot the captain was the mascot because he is a horse and the Texas ranges used horses

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the rangers ballpark is called well the ballpark because it is on 1000 ballpark way