Living Machine

By Jackson D. Perry

Who invented the living machine?

The creator of the Living machine is Tom Worrell he is a business owner that loves to try and solve problems. He and his companies do various things to help with our world and make it a better place and he specifically does a lot with water. He helps the water by making it cleaner and have more of it, he has several inventions but his most well known invention is the living machine.

Why did they invent it ?

Tom decided to make the machine for hot places like Africa where the water is scarce and what they do have is super dirty. So he saw that people couldn't drink that much clean water in these places. when he saw this he decided to help by inventing a machine that cleans dirty water and makes it drinkable. He thought the the machine would help clean sewage water and water that's dirty and thought to be unusable.

What is the living machine?

The living machine can clean any dirty water and separate the dirty stuff and the drinkable water. The machine is very big and can be installed to help clean the water and then the dirty gross stuff can be discarded. The machine is very effective and will be sure to make the water clean.

How does it work?

The living machine works by having tubes that carry the dirty water into a big tank where little organisms are able to clean the dirty water. The organism naturally clean the water then they are able to separate the dirty and clean. So a pipe pushes the dirty stuff to a chamber with all the garbage and then another tube takes the water to collect up above so people can take out the chamber.

Why is water so important and what have humans done to the the supply of it?

Water is so precious because every living thing needs it to live and survive so everything uses water. Also things can happen to the water to make it unusable like pollution or even just it being frozen or in the ocean. Humans have not helped because we have made the water polluted by oil spills and sewage. Also we have polluted the air from factories and smoke from cars. So to try and make the water clean we have decided to come up with inventions to help fix our mistakes.

Why do we need the living machine?

We need the living machine because it cleans water for people that don't have clean water. This will help them a lot, imagine if your water was dirty and grimy you can get sick from drinking it. Then think if they had the living machine all of that would go away, all of the sudden you would have clean water. Also with sewage water and dirty stuff that people don't want can be cleaned and used again and again. This would be amazing we would have more clean water than ever.