Highschool History Teacher

The Importance of History

History teaches us what happened in the past, it molds our future. History has changed or has had a role in someone life. I would like to teach high school history because high school students are ore mature about learning than middle school students, they process more and I would like to pass on what I've learned to them. History is not a well liked class but if taught right it could of the best, History interests me in so many ways. I have a social personality so teaching would come really easily to me. I could see myself talking to 150 kids or more for the rest of my life. It's not about the money, I want to go to a job I enjoy, not a job I dread going to.

About being a History Teacher

Career Details


  • Follows professional practices consistent with school and system policies in working with students, students’ records, parents, and colleagues
  • Make sure that all the students know what they are learning, that they are caught up, and they don't misbehave
  • Is available to students and parents for conferences according to system policies
  • Maintains confidentiality of students and students’ records

Salary/Wage Potential:

  • The starting salary of a High school teacher can start of as low as $43,706 and will go up throughout the career
  • The highest a High school teacher can get paid if you're lucky is over $100,00

Average Hours/Working Schedule:

  • Teachers work an average of 51 hours and 30 minutes not including after school activities.
  • Saturdays and Sundays are off along with holidays, vacation, and winter/spring break

Working location(s):

  • I wouldn't mind if I worked at Leyden, I go here and I think it's a great school to work at. not to mention it's one of the highest paid high schools.

Education Needed:

  • 4 years of college, that's only for Bachelor's degree
  • 6 years gets you your masters degree
  • 8 gets you your doctor's degree
  • All you really need is your bachelor's

Skill Required:

  • Sociable
  • College
  • Authoritarian (Students need to know that you aren't a pushover)

Job Outook & Growth:

  • In 2010 there was a lot of applicants for a history teacher but there wasn't many jobs available for the everyone
  • In 4-6 years from now the position may or may not be available to be filled.

Advancement Opportunities or Related Jobs:

  • To become a teacher you usually need a bachelor's degree. All public schools require that and many private schools do as well. Generally, one has to complete an approved teacher training program that includes earning a specified number of subject and education credits and doing practical training, such as student teaching.