Crazy A** Tornado Coming

Tornadoes form By..

Usually it all starts by a Super cell or Thunder storm. After heat and cold air collapse together then sets in a pattern. Cold air drops and Warm air rises. After warm air starts to swirl around and forms a funnel in the clouds which creates a massive Tornado

Where do Tornadoes usually occur ?? HUH

Some Tornadoes occur in Washington D.C in the suburbs because of it flat lands.Tornado ocur in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, eastern Colorado and western Iowa, and is characterized by a high frequency of strong and violent tornadoes and a relatively consistent season from year to year

In What Way Can We Prepare For A Tornado

Grab your emergency kit create a little safe house in your basements or collect and gather things like flashlights and buy as many as you need

How Often Do Tornadoes Occur?

Almost each year but sometimes Tornadoes occur out of nowhere mostly they occur in flat lands because of its winds either when raining or after so far 1000 have occured in the U.S