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Crestomere School - Kindergarten - May Newsletter

Happy May to You!

We are finally seeing the beautiful weather we have been waiting for! I hope it stays :)

April was such a great month! It was jam packed with so many exciting things including a special Easter treat, waddling like penguins, decorating Easter eggs, having visits from Mr. Kissel, Cst. Wallace, and professional rodeo contestants! We finished by having a great day in Lacombe! What a great time:)

Looking ahead, May will be just as exciting! We'll be focusing on Mother's Day and an underground unit. Should make for some fun digging in the dirt! And we can't forget . . . TWO field trips!! Should make for another awesome month :)

Note: We will be making homemade ice cream on Wednesday, May 6th.

Play, Learn, and Grow...Together!

Important Dates

Monday, May 4th

Wednesday, May 6th - making homemade ice cream, speech

Monday, May 11th

Wednesday, May 13th - book orders due, speech

Monday, May 18th - May long weekend - No School!

Wednesday, May 20th - EXPO day!

Friday, May 22nd - We're off to the Zoo!

Monday, May 25th

Wednesday, May 27th - Crestomere Book Swap!

***Extra Kindergarten Day - Thursday, May 28th

Friday, May 29th - No School (PD Day)

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Crestomere Book Swap!

Our school will be having our very first Book Swap! From Monday, May 4th to Thursday, May 14th, students can bring in the books they are finished with to the office. Then, on Wednesday, May 27th students will come down with their class and come "book shopping" for fresh books for the summer! Please see the letter above as well as the letter coming home with the kids! Let me know if you have any questions :)

Some general notes!

Printing our Names

For the month of May, I will be working with the students to master printing their name neatly with all the letters facing the right way. Also, PLEASE practice printing numbers with your children. They need to be able to print the numbers 1-10.

**Please have your child print their name for you at home. If they are printing any uppercase letters in their name, please work with them at home to correct this. We don't want this to be a habit. If I notice it on their work, I am going to ask them to try again.

Book Order

May's book order is due on Wednesday, May 13th

Parent volunteers for May and June!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to volunteer in our class this year! Due to the abundance of activities happening this time of year, I will not be sending out a Google form for volunteering. If I need volunteers for a specific day or activity, I will be requesting through email. Thank you :)

What's coming for the month of May . . .


We will continue to work on the Jolly Phonics alphabet program to learn the alphabet. For the month of April we will be learning about the letters Qq, Uu, Gg, and Yy. Ask your child to share the songs, actions, and sounds with the letters we learned about up until this month! It is so important that the kids are consistently exposed to letters, sounds, and the actions.

As mentioned, we are continuing to work on sight words to help with our reading skills. We will be learning about how to segment the sounds we hear in words to sound out words. We will also be continuing with finger tracking when we're reading to make sure we don't miss any words :)


This month we will be practicing printing numbers from 1-10. We briefly touched on this earlier in the year, but it is always good to revisit it!

We will also be representing numerals in two parts and practicing naming those parts. For example, looking at the different ways to make the number 5. (5 and 0, 4 and 1, 3 and 2). This will help build their knowledge in efforts to prepare them for adding in grade one.

As always . . .We cannot forget about number sense! We're bumping things up and focusing on numbers up to 12 (and beyond for some students). I may sound repetitive, but counting is the foundation of the Math curriculum! More exposure = more success!

Science & Social Studies

For Social Studies, our focus is continuing to talk about caring for the environment and community.

In Science, we will be discussing the changes we have seen from winter to spring, and extending it to the changes we see in the summer time.

Health & Life Skills

We will be learning about sun safety and bike safety. Don't forget your sunscreen :)

From now until the end of the year, I encourage the students to do ALL of their daily tasks on their own. Some of these things include unpacking their backpack, getting dressed and even walking upstairs in the morning on their own. Grade one is just around the corner and I would like the students to be independent when it comes to being at school.

Fine Motor practice

To remember how to hold the scissors correctly, I have taught the students a simple song:

"Up, down

Up, down

Thumb is always up".

This helps them remember that their thumb always has to be pointing to the sky. To assist in your child's fine motor development, please have them continue to practice cutting on zig zag lines at home. Be sure to remind them their other hand has a job too! (To hold the paper and turn it as needed rather than turning the scissors). I will be assessing their zig zag cutting skills this month.

For the last couple months of Kindergarten, we will work on mastering our straight lines, curved lines and cutting circles. At this point in the year, the students need to know how to hold their scissors correctly. This is just one of the many things that will make things a whole lot easier in grade one :)

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Just so you know . . .

We had the dental hygienists come and clean our teeth for the second time a couple weeks ago . . . and I was surprised with how many students in the class DID NOT know their date of birth. Please practice this at home with your child to ensure they know their birthday :)


EXPO day!

The EXPO presentation day is almost here! Please join us for a great afternoon on Wednesday, May 20th starting at 1:00 p.m. We will presenting what we have learned about ice cream as well as checking out everyone else's projects. Families and friends are encouraged to attend!
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Calgary Zoo field trip!

Please make sure you send your child's permission form and money to the school! If you have told me you are interested in coming, please be sure to send your $21.00 to school with your child. We still have room for more if there is anyone else wishing to attend :)

**Please note - if you are planning on driving your child to the zoo - please send a note stating this. We need to have something in writing before the field trip day.

Stay tuned for field trip specifics if you are coming as a parent volunteer!


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We will be having an EXTRA Kindergarten day on Thursday, May 28th. We will be part of the Elementary Track and Field day held at the Bluffton School! We will be spending the day on teams completing fun and exciting activities! Parents are welcome to come to Bluffton to watch your child participate :) We will be back for our regular busing time.

We had a great time with Mr. Kissel . . . or who we liked to call . . . Mr. Tickle! ;)

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EXPO project - Ice Cream Update!

Learning about ice cream has been a BLAST so far! We will be doing some hands on learning on Wednesday, May 6th when we make our own ice cream and when we go to the dairy farm and ice cream store on Wednesday, May 13th.

We will also be looking at how long it takes for ice cream to melt!

And of course . . . many taste tests are a must! :)

I will be asking the students to memorize ONE ice cream fact that they will share with the school on EXPO day. Please stay tuned for the ice cream facts coming your way soon :)

Our visit with Cst. Wallace!

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Attention Future Kindergarteners!

Know a little one ready for Kindergarten? We are now taking registrations for the 2015-2016 Kindergarten year! Please contact Mrs. Gillard in the office for more information :)

Some highlights from our field trip to Lacombe!

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Kindergarten Days in May

Monday, May 4th

Wednesday, May 6th

Monday, May 11th

Wednesday, May 13th

Wednesday, May 20th

Friday, May 22nd

Monday, May 25th

Wednesday, May 27th

***Thursday, May 28th

Rodeo contestants!

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