Articles of Confederation

Strengths and weaknesses


The strengths of the articles were:

1) It brought states together. 2) It was able to raise a national army/navy. 3) Set up the postal system. 4) established congress.


The weaknesses of the articles were:

1) You couldn't force states to obey the laws. 2)couldn't tax. 3) Congress lacked strong leadership. 4) Tariffs between states created bad economy. 5) No judicial or executive branches.

It wasn't a bad start for our country!

But we needed something stronger. Shays rebellion showed us that.

The reason for our faults.

Its not hard to see why we wanted such a lose and powerless central government, we had just gotten out of the grip of centuries of voiceless oppression. In a monarchy you have no say in the laws and taxes, the King decides it. As well as religious freedom from the strict Church of England.

This is what started a great nation.