Adolf Hitler

Brennan Riffle, Morgan Venable, and Jaslyn Evans

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What is Adolf Hitler famous for?

Adolf Hitler became “famous” for gaining the supreme power in Germany. He exercised this power to the most of his ability over these 26 years. Hitler had more impact on the history of the world in the 20th century than any other political figure.

What kind of leader was Adolf Hitler?

Hitler joined the German Worker’s Party (DAP) and tried to win over German workers. He was fully against Jews, and he tried to persuade the people of Germany that Jews were primarily responsible for Germany’s difficult and unfortunate situations.

What is the Weimar Republic?

The Weimar Republic is said to illuminate one of the most creative and crucial periods in the twentieth century. It refers to Germany and its political system during WWI. The republic was a type of government that was also a genuine attempt to create the “perfect democratic country”.

What is the Treaty of Versailles?

The Treaty of Versailles is a treaty that ended the state of was between Germany and the Allied Powers. It forced Germany to accept responsibility for WWI and made them pay certain innumerable debts to the Allied Powers.

What were the conditions like in Germany following WWI?

German citizens experienced starvation, poverty, hyperinflation, and many more problems. At the time, Germany held the second highest economic standards, next to the US. These conditions dropped dramatically and ended in ruins by the end of the war.

What allowed Adolf Hitler to rise to power?

The multiple problems among the German people caused them to look for another way to live under different government standards, which caused the rise of new leaders, one of them being Adolf Hitler.

What techniques did Hitler use to win over the citizens?

Hitler held great oral appeal to the people of Germany, meaning that his electrified way of speaking tended to rally people under his ideas and power. He also joined many political groups to enhance his propaganda in order to spread his leadership, causing him to win over the citizens of Germany.

What is the Holocaust?

The Holocaust is the reign of German's as superiors to all other races, religions, and ethnicities. It caused the death of roughly 6 million Jews under the Nazi regime led by Adolf Hitler. It is seen as the greatest persecution in the world under possibly the most famous bureaucratic and politically systematic ruler of the twentieth century.