Unit 2

By- Gabby Willett

The Afghanistan Civil War- About


People tend to migrate through different social groups to for fill what they want and need, well balancing conflicts against other groups with working together.

Bullets and Ballots

My role- I was in the 'weakest' group, the peasants. The group started with no MSU (power) but we had the most votes, which made us valuable to the other groups.

What Happened- Since the group I was in contained the votes to get the other groups elected but had no power other groups wanted to sign treaties with us. The wealthy wanted to sign a treaty with us, but after we scammed them it fell apart and was just unrealistic. Then we met with the Gorillas, who contained a good amount MSU's but no votes. We made a deal that they would drop their arms at the last second of the game and join us, so we could all have more power and votes. The Guatemola government then wanted to meet with us, in hopes of getting our votes to re-elect them, they promised to protect us from the rich and wealthy and we ended up joining them, our deal with the gorillas still stood. The rich and wealthy then over took everything with the take over card but where quickly shut down but the U.S government when they took over. The U.S let us vote in our new government and since we joined the Guatemala along with the Gorillas so we won all together.


The reasons we made connections with other social groups was to get what we wanted, but along they also got what they wanted. Even though some groups had different beliefs they still joined together for what they wanted all together. Like the Gorillas and the peasants (us) we both wanted the rich and wealthy to stop killing etc. only Gorillas had a more violent approach.

Some social groups do not get along at all, they have different beliefs and different wants or the same wants. This causes conflicts and wars, like what happened with the Gorillas and the Wealthy.

Relate to my life

As a peasant in the game I had little say in stuff, and now power. This caused the group and me to constantly depend on other social groups.

As a kid in real life I do not have a say in many things and no power, this causes me to depend on older people who have more power and that can help me. , like how the peasants had to depend on stronger social groups to gain power and be protected.

Real connections

The events and Bullets and ballots have happened in real countries around the war. In Bullets and Ballots different social groups fought for what they want, and some were over ruled this happens in real life as well.


Based on Hitlers beliefs he made a groups of people turn against Jews. He had them killed or put into concentration camps. This caused wars to erupt because different social groups found this wrong and did not agree.

Experience- The peasants in Bullets and Ballots were being kill because they were stuck in the cross fire. They had no power, just like the Jews in the holocaust. This got other social groups attention and helped the cause they thought was right. ( The U.S took a stand to stop this)

Social groups do things for reasons.