Pirate Points from Mrs. Lee's Class

Week of March 5, 2014

Mother and Son Kickball

Click on the link to register for this event!

Have you ordered a yearbook???

Hey pirates PLEASE let your parents know it is NOT too late to order a Yearbook for the 2013-14 school year! Not only can it still be ordered it can still be custom designed with current events and autograph inserts and foil names on your choice of hard or soft cover books!

1. Parents can go to ybpay.lifetouch.com
2. enter ID code 11108514
3. chose what type of yearbook they would like
4. chose what type of extras they would like
5. submit payment

BASIC no frills soft cover books are $26
BASIC no frills hard cover books are $30

Spread the Word to End the Word

Our focus today for Read Across America is to focus on our Abilities, not our Disabilities. We wore signs with stating something that we are really good at doing.

What We Are Learning

  • Reading Workshop- Comparing experiences and adventures of characters
  • Writing Workshop- Publishing our writing using digital tools
  • Math Workshop- Missing addends, inverse operations
  • Social Studies- Earth's materials, properties of rocks

Mark Your Calendars

Wednesday, March 12- Late Start
Friday, March 21- Mother/Son Kickball (see email attachment)