Freak the Mighty


Book title

Friendship is when you hang out with people and be nice to them and stand up for them. In the book the friendship is between Max and Freak. First Max wasn't liking freak but then when he talked to him he realized that he was smart and liked him. An example of freak an Max's friendship is when he's at the firework show and Max puts Freak on his shoulders so he can see them.

Conflict-Man vs Society

Freak gets made fun of by other people. And Max got called names and was made fun of by Tony D. They called Max a, "frankenstein ." Also Freak was getting bullied by Tony D and others. Plus both didn't really have parents. This must have been hard since not having a mom or dad can be very difficult for a child to grow up in.

Character Remarks

One thing that they did is they worked together to let Freak see the fireworks. Also they stood up for each other when they were getting bullied. They kept each other company. And Freak taught him stuff so Max could become smarter. They both helped each other out and made this such a great friendship.

Character Differences

Freak and Max are very different. Freak and Max are way different in brains. Freak is way smarter than Max. Max isn't really smart much at all. And also there size is way different. Max is really tall and Freak is a short kid.Yet they use there differences to benefit there friendship in a very good way. Plus Max wanted to leave Tony D. alone, yet Freak wanted to take them on.