How to study

and make it stick

11 tips to pass a test

1.) Remember to breath

This may sound silly but some people get so worked up that they freak and don't do well. they are just so worked up that they can't think of the right answers.

2.) Don't try to compair your progress

Everyone works at diffrent speeds. don't rush because other people are finishing first. The same goes the other way, If you checked your answers and are confident in them its okay to turn yours in first, someone has to be.

3.) don't discourage your self

A lot of people think that they can't pass before they begin, there wrong.

4.) get there early

If you get there early then you can take a moment to relax yourself before the test.

5.) listen

The adminastator may give last mimute instructions.

6.) maintain your time

Most teats come with a time limit make sure that you keep an eye on the clock.

7.) keep up a positive aditude

Its accualy been proven that smiling makes you happy and helps you relax so smile.

8.) plan an early finish

If you finish early then you can have time to go back through and revise and review.

9.) Answer questions in a strategic order

Some questions can give you answers to others.

10.) look for deatails

If you miss any deatails you can get a problem wrong.

11.) look for information

Find out as much about the test before had as posable.

10 methods to help you study

1.) Study when your tired

Your brain strengthens memories when you are asleep so studying before you hit the hay is a great idea. Have you ever wondered why you remember bedtime stories so well?

2.) Space it out

A new method called "spaced repititon" you remember things better in small amounts than if you were to study in large quanitys.

3.) Only study important information

If you try to remember every little fact then you can wind up forgeting important things.

4.) rewrite your notes

It has been proven that you remember things you write better than things you just hear, this dosn't mean write every thing your teacher says.

5.) Pick a Place and a Time

Everyone has their own idea about the best place and time to study so chose one and study there regularly.

Discover Your Learning Style

Everyone learns diffrent so study in a way that will help you remember.

7.) Take Breaks

Don't over work yourself, take some time to go for a walk or something that will help you relax.

8.) Pay attention in class

listen to your teacher and you will be just fine

9. read your notes

everything you need to know should be writen down.

1o.) Avoid Craming

Going over everything the night before and expecting to remember is never a good idea.

as far as notes go its one of the best, the outlineing method

It alows you to make organized notes by spaceing things out based on importance