My Dream Vehicle

1967 Volkswagen Beetle

About the Volkswagen Beetle

The 1967 Volkswagen Beetle is a classic car that dates back to vintage eras in American History. My particular dream Beetle follows these standards:

Make- Volkswagen

Model- Beetle

The classic Volkswagen Beetle is important to me because I have always loved the look of this classic car.

Year- 1967

This particular year is a well known model of the car. The car came out in Germany in 1938, and this year of 1967 gave them plenty of time to use better safety features and updated (to the time) looks.

Exterior Features- Rust free, Classic closed body, Sunflower Yellow paint

The classic yellow bug color is another look that I have always enjoyed. The color is not too bright, yet doesn't look dull and ugly.

Interior Features- Tan leather seating, Restored original classic details

Classic details are wonderful looking to me, and are important because if I am willing to buy a vintage car, I want it to be vintage and to look as vintage as possible.

Engine/Specs- Manual 4 speed, runs on gasoline

I want a stick shift engine because it adds to the classic look and is fun to drive. Gasoline engine is a bit cheaper than buying diesel fuel.

Safety- Engine under front hood, Spare tire storage, Good safety ratings

I want the engine to be in front because it is a lot safer than a rear engine. Safety ratings are important to me and my family.

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Price and Payment

Purchase Price- The documented price of this particular vehicle (shown above) is $24,900. The price is slightly negotiable but this is the price for this particular car.

Projected Payment- Using SunTrust as my loan bank with a 2.29% Interest rate, my projected loan would be $439.61 for a 5 year, 60 month, car payment.