Business Phones

Samsung Focus S

This is a touch screen phone with a 8 mega pixel camera and smooth performance, it would be quite a good business phone due to the fact that it is very easy to use so it won't be difficult for the older generation to start using it, it has many features good for the everyday business man/woman such as being able to call people, texing and emails, you can also use the internet if you are connected to a wifi zone ect.

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Cell CarrierAT\&T


Display size4.3 inches


Processor typeQualcomm

Display type

Display typeMultitouch

Easy Distraction

When business mobile phones are used for reasons besides work phone calls, they become an unwanted distraction. Personal calls during work hours or playing games on their mobiles during work time becomes a disruption. messaging family or friends on a business cell phone also presents a potential problem. Even if the phone is not used to contact others, incoming messages or calls can also become a distraction.

Being accessible 24/7

One of the disadvantages of being accessible from anywhere and at any time is that you might get calls outside of business hours and this could become a annoyance for the employee.