Gary Pizzati

Gary Pizzati: Innovator in Radio Sales Management

Best Managers in Radio: Gary Pizzati

Gary Pizzati was voted one of the Best Managers in Radio in both 2011 and 2012 from Radio Ink magazine. This high honor proves that Gary Pizzati is a man of professionalism, has a strong work ethic, and is highly regarded in the radio industry. As Senior Vice President for Cumulus Media, Gary Pizzati is certainly a key figure in radio today. Furthermore, Gary Pizzati is an excellent mentor for new management at Cumulus. Gary Pizzati’s awards show that he is a valuable guide for leadership development.

Gary Pizzati: Radio’s Renaissance Man

Gary Pizzati’s career in radio began soon after he finished college. A bright young man with a passion for radio and communications, Gary Pizzati was quickly establishing himself as a dedicated employee willing to learn all facets of the industry.

Gary Pizzati’s efforts were awarded with the opportunity to become an on-air radio personality. In the early 1980s, Gary Pizzati had the pleasure of spearheading the first Classic Rock weekend radio program of its kind in Detroit, Michigan. Gary Pizzati helped turn this broadcast into a success and later secured a prestigious spot in KISS FM’s afternoon radio show. Providing the soundtrack to the fifth largest radio market at the time, Gary Pizzati established his credibility as on-air talent for five years running.

Despite Gary Pizzati’s achievements as an on-air radio host, he made the decision to venture into sales. Gary Pizzati’s long term career goal at the time was to enter into management, provide leadership in the industry, and apply his uniquely innovative problem solving skills to existing industry issues. A rapid success, shortly after Gary Pizzati attained his first sales position, he was lauded for being the only new seller to reach $100,000 in sales in only 90 days’ time.

Surely carving his name in the industry as a modern renaissance man, Gary Pizzati has utilized his ground-up knowledge of the radio industry to his advantage. Gary Pizzati has held the position of Senior Vice President at Cumulus Media for the past seven years. Recognized by Cumulus Media’s top executives as a valued asset to the team, Gary Pizzati has had many achievements while holding his high ranking position, including being named Best Manager in Radio by Radio Ink Magazine in 2011 and 2012.

From Programming to Award Winning: Gary Pizzati

Gary Pizzati is a driven individual who has worked his way from the bottom to the top of the radio industry. Fresh out of college, Gary Pizzati landed an entry level position at a local radio station in the programming department. Following his success in this position, Gary Pizzati was offered a position as an on-air radio host. What’s more, Gary Pizzati would soon be the pioneer of Detroit’s leading Saturday night Classic Rock radio show. The first of its kind, Gary Pizzati’s experience taking part in this radio revolution would serve as motivation to continue to make waves in the radio industry.

Moving on to host the popular afternoon slot on KISS FM, Gary Pizzati continued to make his mark as an on-air radio talent for the next five years. Deciding to venture into sales, Gary Pizzati landed a position at Barnstable Broadcasting. Here, Gary Pizzati would quickly earn a reputation for his hard work and dedication. As the only new seller to earn $100,000 in sales in just 90 days Gary Pizzati was certainly turning heads.

This was just the beginning, Gary Pizzati would find out. While his career in sales grows, Gary Pizzati is given mounting levels of responsibility. Gary Pizzati is credited with developing and implementing a revolutionary “systems” approach to sales management. Recognized by his employers for his abilities, Gary Pizzati was promoted to Senior Vice President of Cumulus Media in 2005.

Others are taking notice of Gary Pizzati as well. Radio Ink Magazine, a well-known radio management industry publication, has awarded Gary Pizzati the honor of Best Manager in Radio for the past two years. Excited at his candidacy for the award the third year running, Gary Pizzati continues to serve as Senior Vice President at Cumulus. Always willing to meet company demands, Gary Pizzati also graciously serves as interim Market Manager for the Minneapolis and San Francisco markets.

Catching the Waves: Gary Pizzati on Media and Marketing

Gary Pizzati has spent the majority of his professional career in sales and marketing. After a successful career in radio programming and broadcasting, Gary Pizzati ventured into sales and marketing to increase his knowledge in these aspects of the industry. There, Gary Pizzati has learned the ins and outs of how marketing and media work together. An immediate success in radio sales, Gary Pizzati reached the mark of $100,000 in sales in just one month.

With a newfound taste for success in sales, Gary Pizzati began to learn about the symbiotic relationship between media and marketing. Gary Pizzati was learning the basics of marketing which included awareness, interest, desire, and action. A congenial man, Gary Pizzati has never had a problem networking with others and his gregarious nature has been instrumental in spurring his success.

For Gary Pizzati, the connection between marketing and media is a delicate one. Media, such as radio, provides a sounding board for businesses to increase awareness of and interest in their respective products. Keen at dissecting local and national markets to determine the needs of his clients, Gary Pizzati enthusiastically approaches each new challenge with a drive to exceed expectations.

The key for businesses, to Gary Pizzati, is to tap into the market that will be most served by the product offered. The ability to communicate with the identified market and increase interest in a product is what Gary Pizzati does best. He has assisted companies, large and small, successful and not, to achieve profitability and sustainability in their respective markets via building brands using the invaluable tool of radio.

gary Pizzati wholeheartedly believes that the success of both media and marketing are dependent upon each other. What’s more, Gary Pizzati has revolutionized outcomes for his clients with innovative problem solving and creatively applying his knowledge to meet his client’s needs.

The Key to Soaring Sales with Gary Pizzati

Gary Pizzati is no stranger to overcoming obstacles. In his first sales position, Gary Pizzati was honored for being the only new salesman to meet the $100,000 mark in only 90 days. Amazed by his natural talent, Gary Pizzati’s employers have consistently acknowledged his superior ability to master any task he is given.

So what is the key to soaring sales? For Gary Pizzati, the key to increasing sales lies in a few things. First, Gary Pizzati emphasizes the importance of a great client interview. Asking open ended questions to really gain an understanding of a client’s needs is tantamount, advises Gary Pizzati. To Gary Pizzati, it is nearly impossible to help a client reach their goals if you’re not able to identify what they are. Gary Pizzati asserts that a solid understand of a client’s goals and needs is the most important piece of the puzzle.

Second, Gary Pizzati recommends a strong marketing plan. Whether you’re a whiz at marketing or need some assistance in this area, Gary Pizzati cannot overstate this essential aspect of business planning, as it will determine the course your business takes with regard to awareness and interest in your product. Gary Pizzati reminds those concerned with their numbers that without a comprehensive marketing plan, potential consumers have no trail of breadcrumbs to lead them to your product or service. Essentially, Gary Pizzati says, you’re leaving yourself and your business in the dark.

Lastly, Gary Pizzati recommends that young sales professionals garner a good relationship with their clients. People don’t want to feel as though they’re being pressured or pursued, says Gary Pizzati. Clients want to be listened to and understood. This is the key to a great working relationship that will set the stage for an increase in sales, says Gary Pizzati. Building a foundation of trust and understanding is vital to the success of any business relationship, believes Gary Pizzati, which will set the stage for mounting sales.

Gary Pizzati Rocks the Face of Radio

Gary Pizzati has loved radio since childhood. Always the best way to stay on top of current events and new music, Gary Pizzati learned early that he wanted to dedicate his life to influencing the radio industry. Armed with an inquisitive nature and passion to become a leader in his field, Gary Pizzati landed an entry level programming position at a local radio station when he was fresh out of college.

Gary Pizzati would soon find that he excelled at everything he worked to improve. Gary Pizzati would eventually be promoted to on-air personality, hosting a weekend Classic Rock radio show. The first of its kind, Gary Pizzati was now a radio industry pioneer. Motivated by his success, Gary Pizzati went on to become the host of KISS FM’s afternoon slot, increasing his notoriety in the Detroit area as a respected radio personality.

Gary Pizzati held his afternoon spot for five exciting years before changing his career focus to sales and marketing. After landing a position with Barnstable Broadcasting, Gary Pizzati became the only new employee to reach the 90 day goal of $100,000 in sales. Surpassing his employer’s expectations for performance, Gary Pizzati continued to make a name for himself in the industry. Currently Senior Vice President of Cumulus Media, Gary Pizzati has been instrumental in the implementation and development of a “systems” approach to sales management.

With a cutting edge approach to sales and marketing, Gary Pizzati enjoyed rapid advancement in Cumulus Media. In addition to holding the title of Senior Vice President, Gary Pizzati is responsible for the operation and revenue of over 25 unique Cumulus markets. Currently serving as Interim Market Manager for the Minneapolis and San Francisco markets, Gary Pizzati certainly has a lot on his plate. A definitive leader in his field, Gary Pizzati approaches challenge with vigor and is generally victorious in his endeavors.

Gary Pizzati Strives to Be the Best ‒ And Wins

Since childhood Gary Pizzati has always been driven to excel in his endeavors. A young scholar with stellar critical thinking skills, Gary Pizzati absorbed all college had to offer and ventured off to make his mark on the professional world. Landing a job at a local radio station, Gary Pizzati had no idea where he was headed, but he was excited to find out. Quickly promoted, Gary Pizzati was eager to try new hats in the radio industry.

Gary Pizzati certainly received a taste of all aspects of radio, as he ran the gamut from programming to broadcasting. Gary Pizzati, a born leader, was recognized by his superiors as having management potential. Gary Pizzati has been given the opportunity to participate in many aspects of the business. During his career, Gary Pizzati has held positions such as on-air talent, Program Director, Operations Manager, and currently, Senior Vice President.

Obviously Gary Pizzati’s abilities have been noticed by his employers, but what about others? Radio Ink Magazine, known in the industry for staying on the cutting edge of who’s who in the radio management industry, has awarded Gary Pizzati the Best Manager in Radio Award in both 2011 and 2012. Primed for his candidacy a third year running, Gary Pizzati is overwhelmed with gratitude at the recognition.

Most importantly, Gary Pizzati is lauded by his clients (which tend to be his toughest critics) for his dedication and drive to foster the success of their businesses. Gary Pizzati’s ability to build a relationship of trust and partnership with his clients separates him from the rest. Highly regarded by his peers, Gary Pizzati plays a pivotal role in the coaching and professional development of Regional VP's, local Market Managers, Sales Management and Sales Talent.

Enthusiastic about what the next 25 years will bring, Gary Pizzati looks back at the last quarter century with adoration for the things he’s learned and how far he has come.

Gary Pizzati on Building Professional Relationships

As an executive with substantial sales, marketing, and management experience, Gary Pizzati knows the value of building quality professional relationships. Gary Pizzati’s career success has rested on the relationships he has built with others over the years. From clients to colleagues, supervisors to star team members, Gary Pizzati is adept at maintaining productive relationships with everyone he interacts with.

Gary Pizzati asserts that reaching out to others, maintaining positive communication, and personalizing your interactions with others are key factors in building a healthy professional relationship. Gary Pizzati recommends giving and receiving advice from others as well as collaborating on ideas as great ways to boost a relationship.

The ability to maintain professional relationships over time is one that sometimes needs honing, agrees Gary Pizzati. While not everyone is a natural at maintaining a healthy relationship, Gary Pizzati urges others to embrace mistakes early on in order to prevent them in the future. Dwelling on failure or rejection to the point of inaction is a big mistake that many young professionals make, believes Gary Pizzati.

Gary Pizzati believes that personalization is the key to ensure there’s a touch of something unique in your message. Whether reaching out to a colleague you’ve known for years, or a new potential lead, Gary Pizzati knows that standing out in a good way is your best chance at getting remembered. Follow through is also important, says Gary Pizzati, who advises that sending a “thank you” note or a follow up e-mail is a great way to let the other person know you appreciate them and their time.

Above all, Gary Pizzati urges others to be genuine. When someone is faking a personality to portray an image they don’t truly represent, it only serves to confuse the other party, believes Gary Pizzati. Always practicing what he preaches, the professional relationships Gary Pizzati has crafted over the years have been instrumental in his professional growth.

Gary Pizzati Shares Importance of Effective Listening Skills

For most of us, we hear noises all day long. From television to radio to conversation with co-workers, Gary Pizzati knows that we ingest many different sounds throughout the day. But when it comes to working with others in a professional environment, Gary Pizzati asks if we really listen to what is heard. Gary Pizzati knows that effective listening skills are not only tantamount to working with others, but provide an unbiased opportunity to understand the breadth of an idea.

Gary Pizzati currently serves as Senior Vice President at Cumulus Media, a position he has held for the past eight years. With over 27 years of experience in the radio industry, Gary Pizzati’s success partly rests in the development of effective listening skills, something which he feels is absolutely necessary to creating solid lines of communication with his employees. The benefit of perfecting effective listening skills, for Gary Pizzati, is the ability to get the most out of your interactions with others. Effective listening skills increase the understanding of needs while simultaneously assuring your conversation partner feels understood, says Gary Pizzati.

For the past two years, Gary Pizzati has been honored with the receipt of the Best Manager in Radio award by Radio Ink Magazine. A publication known for the ability to recognize greatness in radio management, Gary Pizzati is humbled and motivated by the achievement. Primed for his candidacy for Best Manager in Radio award for the third year in a row, Gary Pizzati credits his success in management to his ability to effectively listen to both internal and external customers.

Gary Pizzati, in addition to holding his title as Senior Vice President at Cumulus Media, also serves as interim Market Manager for two territories while providing coaching to senior management. Gary Pizzati stresses the importance of effective listening skills with those he mentors with the goal of improving professional skills amongst his team.

Gary Pizzati is Example of Exemplary Leadership

Gary Pizzati has enjoyed the multitude of professional experiences he has had throughout his 27-year long career. An exemplary leader, Gary Pizzati has attained advancement into positions of higher responsibility throughout his career. Gary Pizzati, currently Senior Vice President of Cumulus Media, is known by his peers to have a superior ability to lead others. A skill he has honed throughout his successful career, Gary Pizzati imparts the key to perfecting leadership skills for those he mentors.

Getting his humble start on the programming side of radio in the early 1980s, Gary Pizzati was swiftly recognized for his talent and dedication. Eventually becoming on-air talent, Gary Pizzati led the radio waves for thousands of metropolitan area residents. Gary Pizzati’s decision to venture into sales and marketing further improved his ability to provide a prime example of leadership. Acclaimed by his superiors for being the only new seller to achieve $100,000 in sales in just 90 days. Gary Pizzati seemed to effortlessly prove to be a model of leadership for his peers.

Gary Pizzati’s leadership skills were tested and improved as he went on to hold multiple management positions in the radio industry. Making a name for himself as an industry leader, Gary Pizzati developed and implemented an innovative “systems” approach to sales management which led to wide spread recognition in his field. Currently providing mentorship to all levels of Cumulus Media talent, Gary Pizzati continues to emphasize the importance of exemplary leadership skills in professional development.

Gary Pizzati has been recognized by Radio Ink Magazine, a respected radio management publication known for identifying the best in the industry, as Best Manager in Radio in both 2011 and 2012. Excited at the prospect of receiving this honor for the third year in a row, Gary Pizzati remains focused on improving the skills of others throughout his organization through ongoing training and professional development.