Blue Gold

Water Crisis

How does this film relate to economics?

People are going to the extreme for water. The government is now forcing people to export their water to pay off their debt. Also this film talks about serious problems to water pollution which effects our economy today causing diseases.


The bias of Blue Gold is living uncomfortably because of the effort to solve the problems to fresh water. Only 3% of the Earth is fresh water and the rest 97% is salt water. We should all know right now that water is essential to human survival. The main objective information its trying to give us is that water is being abused and damaged and some countries are dying from water, or the lack of it.


Blue Gold is a documentary that shows environmental issues behind why we are losing our fresh water very fast. Politics behind the fresh water who own it and control it are making it worse. We are polluting water too much destroying wetlands, and are blocking rivers that carry nutrients that keep the water healthy and the land fertile. The worlds water supply is at risk of disappearing.


I think that this document was informative to me because I didn't know there would be this many problems around the world for water and that we were running our of it so quickly. After watching this documentary I still had a question about it. What will people do to stop all this water crisis? I agree with the documentary because water is the main source for human survival and people are dumping their trash to it from all over the world.

I would rate this 4/5 fish

"Since Coca-Cola has purchased much of Africa's supply of water, water prices have risen sharply and delivered large profit."

How has the government impact the water crisis?

They abuse water not caring for their people and taking their water away for money.

What have been some things people think of doing for water?

Thinking about taking water from the great lakes or just drinking any water to survive meaning unclean water leading to death and diseases.


Director- Sam Bozza