You're Wearing Child Labor

The horrible truth about your clothing

Child Labor used for your clothing

Most cotton producing countries use child labor. However, one that really stands out in the west, because of media publication recently is Uzbekistan. One result of the media's publication was a western boycot against Uzbekistan cotton. However, That did not stop Uzbekistan from using child labor for cotton at all. All it did was hurt the farmers who in turn were forced to produce more cotton by the government. Uzbekistan once put a ban on child labor, but that made more adults forced into the labor, and kids still being forced to work in the fields. Cotton farming is one of the worst types of child labor because it is very phisicly demanding, and it is very hot in the fields. One thing about child labor is that it is against the Article 23 of the UDHR. However, several countries still use child labor and it will probably never be fully solved. But it can be slowed down. You can help slowing it down by reading the article down below. Uzbekistan is just one of the many countries that use child labor for cotton. Cotton also is not the only product that uses child labor. Bricks, Carpets, Coffee, Honey, your clothing, even your device you are reading this on probably was built using child labour. You may think child labour only happens in third world countries, but that is just not the case. Pakistan, Turkey, even China. Those are all some countries that use child labor for their products

First Person Information

Klara Skrivankova, a fighter against child labor, wrote an article about Uzbekistans child labor. She says that the children are forced to work in inhumane conditions. However, she also says that farmers have a quota they have to meet or risk public humiliation and loss of land. This is because the government leases land for cotton production. Also cotton price is deliberately lower then production costs, that way the government makes all the profit. She also notes there will probably not be any change any time soon. More than a million children and adults are forced into child labor in Uzbekistan. That is a lot of people, and if we don't do anything to stop it, than it will just continue to happen forever.

What can be done?

Because most cotton producing countries use slave labor, it is very hard and very expensive to boycot the cotton. So you should show that you are angry at child labor in cotton. If you really want to boycot, buy only cotton that was grown in the US. Or there are some companies that only use fair trade cotton. These include Everlane, Voon, or Good and Fair. Other than that there is not much you can do. Though you are not alone. When it became public the amount of forced labour and child labour in Uzbekistan, the west put a boycott on Uzbekistan cotton. Though that did not help much because the government of Uzbekistan is greedy and just made the farmers farm more cotton and export more cotton for the governments profit.

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