Modern Star Wars Movie

Join the epic battle!

Rehearsals Start This Summer!

This will take awhile, so we would start shooting the film this summer! We will have rehearsals until the snow falls!

Main Cast List:

Trulante Calabriah - The Dad

Nasada Calabriah - The Mom

(There Kids)

Peter Calabriah (A.K.A Shadow)

Pedro Calabriah (A.K.A Sonic) - Peter's Twin brother

Tessa Calabriah

John Calabriah

Erica Calabriah

Jake Calabriah

Jason Calabriah

Jamie Calabriah

Miranda Calabriah

Kelsey Calabriah

Other Cast will be listed At the destination point!

Let's Have Try Outs!

Monday, July 1st 2013 at 1:30-6:30pm

Omro, WI

Omro, WI

Do you think what it takes to be in a movie? Well, come and try out for the Modern Star Wars! If you have light sabers, toy guns, capes and video cameras, please bring them! This is to see how good you can act without being embarced infront of others that you may or may not know! Cast List will be out shortly! Thank You!

Getting Hungry?

Bevreges will be profided and a few snacks! We encourage you to bring some of your own snacks and if you want, bring some to share!

A Lucid Dreamers Film

Lucid Dreamers filming makes mostly animations and fantasy videos! This is the first ever movie with a story behind it! They also have make fantasy books, such as "The Rise of the Scion," "At the Serpants Edge," and "A Change in Life." These are not out and published yet, for it still is working on them!