My smores flyer


This is the Tony Stark PBL. We had to make a two story house in California that could withstand seismic activity. Everyone's table group worked on this as a team. What was your design for Tony Stark? I made a two story house. I made a small house. It has walls made of Popsicle sticks and clay on the floor. Then for the roof i had straws. This is just a model. The house would not actually be made of Popsicle sticks, clay, and straws. What where the main points you learned by completing this project? I learned how to work with a team better. I also learned about earthquakes and being prepared for natural disasters.


You shall not pass explenation

For some reason it says you shall not pass. It should be called Tony Stark PBL. I don't know why its doing this.


30 hands project

what did you learn from doing this project? I learned a lot by doing this project. I learned about global warming. I learned how global warming is bad and how it is caused. I also learned about climate change. What did you enjoy about the project? I enjoyed looking at how we can help stop global warming. It made me feel good knowing that i can help stop global warming in some way.



Invention convention

What is the environmental problem you are solving with you invention/innovation? My innovation is solving the problem of wasting water, plastic, and energy.

How does your invention/innovation work to solve this problem? My innovation reduces water usage by having a built in water tank. This way you don't waste water keeping the tap running. It also reduces the use of plastic by only having to throw away the top of the tooth brush rather then throwing away the whole toothbrush. Lastly it reduces energy use by being charged by a solar panel. This way you don't waste energy keeping the charger plugged in.


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