Special Edition: 8th Grade News

Awards and Promotion

Awards: The 8th Grade Awards Ceremony will be held on its scheduled date of June 9th at 10:00 am. It will be virtually streamed on http://coronadotv.me/.

Promotion: The 8th Grade Promotion will be held on its scheduled date of June 10th at 5:00 pm. We are planning for a virtual promotion, however, we are discussing possibilities for a live component. More information to come.

Photo of Your 8th Grader Needed: Please send an individual photo of your 8th grader that we can use for promotion. Email a photo to cmspromotionphoto20@gmail.com by Fri., May 15th

National Anthem Auditions: We are auditioning for this year's soloist who will sing the National Anthem for 8th grade promotion.


  1. 8th grade students, only, may submit an audition video recording of themself singing the National Anthem acapella.
  2. State your name at the beginning of the video.
  3. The video must be a recorded some time between today's date and the deadline date.
  4. The video must be shot horizontally, not vertically, and cannot be edited or pieced together.
  5. The National Anthem must be sung acapella.
  6. Videos need to be submitted in a .MOV or .MP4 format.

Videos are due to by Friday, May 22nd at 3:00 pm.

Email to: laurie.narmore@coronadousd.org

Late Work: Late work will be due by May 29th for academic awards eligibility. Academic Honor and Excellence awards will be based on grading period 3 and work completion during distance learning. Students should complete at least 80% of their distance learning assignments. All 8th grade students may turn in late work for DLR credit until June 4th.

Let's Celebrate the Promoting Class of 2020

8th Grade Video: Only ONE week left to submit your photos for the 8th grade class video. please help us make this a SPECIAL GIFT for our 8th Graders. Please email 3 clear and edited JPEG pictures today. The absolute deadline to produce this quality video is May 15, 2020.

Send photos and/or questions to: NadoFotography@gmail.com

Kimberly Schulrud & Doug Grossmann

PROMOTION EVENTS: The 8th grade promotion committee needs your support. Annually, parents of 8th grade students are asked to make a monetary donation to provide memorable events and experiences for our promoting students. At this time, we were hoping to be in the busy stages of planning the Promotion Dance and 8th Grade Breakfast. We're saddened that we will not be able to provide our children with this experience, but we certainly want to recognize their efforts, hard work, and commitment to their middle school years.

It's important to know that the annual events donation not only pays for the dance and breakfast, it also supports funding the "Class of 2024 CHS ASB fund." These monies are used by the Class of 2024 for activities and community building experiences such as homecoming, spirit events, prom, graduation festivities, and much more. It's essential, and tradition, that they are set up for success as they become the CHS Freshman Class of 2024.

The monies raised will not only be used for the Class of 2024 fund, additionally, each 8th grader will receive a CMS memento. We are also hopeful that we will be able to provide an opportunity during the second week of June for our soon-to-be Islanders to capture one final memory as a CMS Triton.

We hope you will make a $40 donation to support our promoting 8th graders. (Additional funds are appreciated.) Please use the link below to make your donation.Cash and checks cannot be accepted.

Please make your donation here Link to Donate

The 8th-grade promotion committee can use your help with creating memories. Please reach out to Roelof Roos (cms@roelof.me).

Thank you for your support of our 8th graders.

The CMS Promotion Committee

Coronado High School

9th Grade Scheduling: If your 8th grader hasn't met with a CHS counselor, please contact them to make an appointment They are available to meet through the end of next week (May 15th) when courses will be finalized. Here is a link to our calendars to sign up for a zoom meeting:

Ms. Goldman (last names J-L, and A-G): https://calendly.com/lindsaygoldman/15min?month=2020-04

Ms. Johnston (last names M-P): https://calendly.com/kristinejohnston/course-registration-appointments?month=2020-04

Ms. Safaie (last names Q-S): https://calendly.com/asafaie/15min

Mr. Cummins (last names T-Z): https://calendly.com/morgancummins/15min?month=2020-04

CHS Individual Daily Schedule Preference Response Needed:

If you have already completed this task, there is no further action required.

It has been decided that CHS will remain a 6 period bell schedule for the 2020-2021 school year with any changes in schedule format not taking place until the following year. With this decision, E Period classes (starting at 7:00 am daily) will now be an option. In order to best meet the needs of you and your family, we are asking that ALL students designate their preferred schedule start/stop time so that we can schedule you accordingly to the best of our ability.

In order to access the survey link, you will need to first log into Google from your student's CUSD email log-in or it will not let you proceed. This is the same log-in used for PowerSchool.

Survey Link:CHS Daily Schedule Preference Link


Future Islander Athletes - Thanks for everyone who has reached out about their interest in sports at Coronado High School. It is not too late if you are interested in playing ANY sport at Coronado High School. Please send me an email with your name, email address and what sport(s) you are interested in. That way I can help guarantee that you will be in the loop for any updates. You can look at www.islandersportsfoundation.com to see what sports we offer.

Again I look forward to you to being an Islander and hope many of you will consider playing sports. Go Nado!

Robin Nixon

Coronado High School Athletic Director


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