#beingr @Rossett

The Daily Newspaper for the 3R's week

Thursday's Edition of #beingr @Rossett

Thursday in the 3R's week has seen a huge amount of #beingr check out the photo highlights and the tweets below.

#beingr in MFL

@senoritabutler: @rossett check out my gcse group #beingr! All working really hard on a very challenging text #greatwork http://t.co/yiyc9L5JRH

@Elsenorkehoe: Competition in 3Rs week @Rossett is fierce to gain reflective points in MFL #beingr look at that hair action http://t.co/dYGOTpGqB1

#beingr in PE

@itteducation @Rossett #beingr cal, leon and dan putting a video together about the CV system http://t.co/4BjJRmPKkR

@itteducation @Rossett #beingr the lads ask leon 'the expert' questions about the effects of exercise. http://t.co/Ed4xFPMvZA

@wizzywoop: #beingr @Rossett http://t.co/J7Q0ohqNs8

#beingr in Music

Year 12 complete a 4 part string quartet task for coursework.

#beingr in History

@Westylish: GCSE historians turn into teachers by creating Socrative Quizzes on protest movements in Vietnam #beingr @rossett http://t.co/YLbOTjAoVv

@Westylish: Excellent attitude and focus from year 8 as they complete a tough assessment on the causes of WWI #bejngr @rossett http://t.co/l1dQamh0jM

@Westylish: Great to see my sixth form enrichment students #bejngr and supporting younger students with their history assessments http://t.co/6jZ63Lh2P2

@Westylish: Great teaching from @El_louise_wh as she leads her quiz #beingr @rossett http://t.co/8LdT34mZUy

@Westylish: Great to see such dedication at after school A/S revision. Top class collaboration on display #beingr @rossett http://t.co/UXihOr4BcV

#beingr in English

@Elsenorkehoe: @MissToll loving the literacy display to keep @Rossett students #beingr this week. Literacy & 3Rs for life http://t.co/8yQ1NhLcUo

@MissToll: Y8s @Rossett #beingr by completing their reading journals to show how much they've enjoyed their books http://t.co/UkBe0MvtPL

@MissKRoda: 10-En1TY showing great resilience in tackling a very difficult poem! #beingr http://t.co/BV1qz7iQUe

@MissToll: Y8s #beingr @Rossett by telling me what activities to include next term. I'm loving the request for happiness! http://t.co/1SEJoeyAHr

#beingr in PSHEE

@senoritabutler: Someone in my form has already got over 10 stamps on his passport. Truly #beingr @rossett 7BL

@senoritabutler: Great evidence of #beingr from 7BL today. #proud @rossett http://t.co/jfmABXJngn

@Elsenorkehoe: @MissB_M @Rossett PSHEE working it's wonder during 3Rs week. Who would have thought it would bring you to your knees and shed tears 10BT

@Elsenorkehoe: Fab #beingr and think about Responsibilities in life and learning @Rossett 8RB are super rosetteers http://t.co/Art8iPFuDE

@Elsenorkehoe: 8WN being responsible and using their #beingr qualities during PSHEE to create showmes on Malala @Rossett http://t.co/gE1Yzfc4n2

@Elsenorkehoe: PSHEE super Responsible yr8 creating showme examples of Malala #beingr @Rossett http://t.co/Tb4NYySqiM

@Mrs_Kenwood: It may not be Dumbledore, but Harry Potter showed some pretty impressive RESILIENCE during his time at Hogwarts... http://t.co/sIRoGasUe1

#beingr in Technology

@micky_parker: Sewing machine driving test, great resilience #beingr @rossett http://t.co/4lYzlzgwF7

#beingr in Science

@MrSykelotron: A2 Physicist utilise all of the 3R's to complete a challenging damped oscillation practical @Rossett #beingr http://t.co/UoZk0JFGL9

AS Biology, modelling meiosis

#beingr in Pschology

@missvrhodes: Psychology student taking responsibility and working hard!!! What a great bunch!!! http://t.co/9ntLKSAdrO

#beingr in Philosophy and Ethics

BeingR in Philosophy and Ethics - following their learning mat and supporting each other's learning.

#beingr in Geography

Reflecting on our learning by creating large mind maps for revision in geography

#beingr in Health and Social Care

@missvrhodes: Super concentration in BTEC H&Sc, taking responsibility for their coursework! #beingr http://t.co/jz97I6nNdo

#beingr @Rossett goes global!

@Westylish: Wow "#beingr @Rossett" our daily 3Rs newspaper has a truly global audience!
The 3 R's Culture of Learning @Rossett