how to football it

how can you play football in the best way

eat good , play well , smile and have fun , little things to have fun on football .

read what you need , recommend habits , in short :

how to football it

eating habits

you need to eat enough for your energy you spend , and for that the most people recommand diet man for good eating habits....

don't eat to much sweets , its will be to much sugar and to nuch sugar become fats , to much fats , to much fats it's not good Because you will be havy , when you havy it's hard to run ....

when to eat ?

3-2 hours before you go to training ,if you eat carbohydrate , meat or fish it's the time

1 hour if you eat fruit like banana.

but I recommend to go to diet man.

have fun

the thing every good football player do , it's just to have fun ! if you win , if you lose , or just have fun ! even with no idea why !

why ?

when you have fun you want more , when you want more you do more , when you do more you getting better !

so smile !

play well

everyone can play very good if he will love what he doing , in football , you need to love football for fun , eat good for sport body , play football at least 3 days a week , watch other people (teams , friends or whoever is good in football) to learn how to play better , watch your enemy (if you have one) and learn how to stop hem , how to win hem , and you have to learn every day how to play better ! you can learn tricks , moves , habits is good for sport man/women , the only thing you can't learn it's have fun , have fun is a feeling , not a something to learn.

so go and play football !

thing that helps you when you think to give up/your not good , you can do much more then you thinks!